The Big Announcement.

Nothing ever stays the same.

Life’s always changing and we must keep up with them, lest we get left behind. As such, after much thought and reflection on several issues, I’ve decided that it’s time to move on.

On December 18th, I will be leaving Virginia and moving to Clearwater/Tampa, Florida. I think this is the best move for a variety of reasons – family, career, and myself.

As such, this is my last holiday season here in Virginia Beach. If you ever thought about booking a session with me, nows the time to do it. Time is very limited. I plan to have all sessions wrapped up by December 4th so that I can have all edited images back to the clients and pack before the big move.

Mark Knopp is, for now, a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton roads community and beyond. Contact him today at mark(at) to book your session while he’s still here.

Mary’s maternity session – Part II.

Embrace and celebrate the beauty and shape of a changing body that is creating new life.

When one session isn’t enough, do it again.

Those that frequent this page know Mary as she’s been on here a few times. She is a near and dear friend who just also happens to be divinely alluring. I will gladly accept any chance I can get to work with her as we connect on so many levels.

We did a maternity session months ago, when she was barely showing. We immediately decided to give it another go later on, if the stars align, when she was more pronounced. Well, that opportunity came just in the nick of time. We did our second mom-to-be session and then she became a mom a few weeks later.

Mom and baby are doing just fine, by the way.

marys-second-maternity-session-mark-knopp 6


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Heads up, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.

I’m heading back tomorrow and primed to do more sensual sessions.

Today is my last full day in central NY. Three weeks flew by so fast.

I’m re-energized and inspired to try new ideas. I’ll be back tomorrow and ready to rock out more sensual, boudoir, nudoir, bridal, maternity, baby bonding, nude, form, erotic, bondage, couples, and bdsm, at my place, your place, a suite at a high end hotel, or out on location like downtown, a farm, and more.

I am proud and thrilled to announce the return of the popular sunRISE beach sessions for those looking for something a bit more edgy. No one is around at that time so we can get quite a bit more daring. It’s not for everyone but it is something special for those willing to take a chance.


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Sorry for the lack of a full update this week.

I’m moving this weekend.

Sorry, I won’t have a whole new set to post today as I’m currently surrounded by bins and boxes waiting for the movers. After everything is done and the dust settles I’ll start posting new work again. Until then here’s a sneak peek from my recent session with the amazing Fiona.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him at to book your sensual session today.

Fiona looking radiant in morning light.

Miss L’s sensual Throwback Thursday.

Going au natural with lighting one morning changed everything for me.

Sometimes it’s nice to unplug. I mean that both as a lifestyle but also photographically. Sometimes I get so caught up in the whole “Let’s add more light to this” frame of mind that I lose the natural moments that are provided. This image is a perfect example of turning off all artificial light – in this case speedlights – and just losing ourselves in the moment.

One morning I was working with Miss L on location in downtown Hampton, Virginia. After a series of images that included two or three additional light sources we took a short break. During this break Miss L was drawn to the window to watch the start of a new day as it washed over the city. I took one look at what was in front of me, grabbed my camera, and started to shoot.

miss L's-sensual-throwback-thursday-blue
Miss L greets the start of a new day as she looks over the marina in Hampton, Virginia.
Miss L awash in golden light

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A recent sensual session with Mrs. R.

Going beyond basic boudoir and why I’m different.

I recently crossed into my second year of boudoir photography and the occasion caused me to stop and evaluate where I am and where I’m going with this. Coincidentally, I was talking to a friend last week about the genre. She had reviewed this site and wanted to know why I was different from others working the same area. What did I bring to the table that was different, she asked. What was the value of working with me as opposed to someone else?

Soon after I started to shoot boudoir I realized that the images I was capturing were so much more than beautiful women lounging around in lingerie or in various stages of undress. In fact, as I went over the images posted here, more and more of the final “keepers” had little to do with the outfit itself.

Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 14

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