Miss Q is my Women Crush Wednesday submission for the day.

A hint of things to come.

First, let’s take a minute to appreciate the beauty that is Miss Q. I’ve been looking forward to working with her for almost six years and the results are stunning. More images from our recent session are coming soon so stay tuned for them.

Things have been hectic here for the past few weeks. Something is in the works that will, if goes through, radically change my life in a positive way. I’m not going to say what right now as I don’t want to jinx it. Stay tuned as I’ll know for sure by the new year.

Have no fear, though. I’m still booking sessions and have no plans to stop doing them. I feel my work has been evolving these past few months into something amazing and am excited to see where it goes.

Miss-Q-Virginia-Beach-Boudoir 1

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My return to form.

The greatest work of art is the human body and I love honoring it.

When I started my photographic journey one of the genres I was attracted to was using the human body as a landscape. There was, and still is, this pull to explore all the peaks and valleys created by the intersection of a body and  light. The creases and textures just pop.

The best thing is that, since every body is different, each body brings something different to the table. Each of use has a different build and different proportions to be sure. That alone makes each subject unique. A little more here, a little less there equates to endless variations. Add to that the fact that different areas of our bodies provide different textures.

virginia-beach-form 6

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Mary’s maternity session – Part II.

Embrace and celebrate the beauty and shape of a changing body that is creating new life.

When one session isn’t enough, do it again.

Those that frequent this page know Mary as she’s been on here a few times. She is a near and dear friend who just also happens to be divinely alluring. I will gladly accept any chance I can get to work with her as we connect on so many levels.

We did a maternity session months ago, when she was barely showing. We immediately decided to give it another go later on, if the stars align, when she was more pronounced. Well, that opportunity came just in the nick of time. We did our second mom-to-be session and then she became a mom a few weeks later.

Mom and baby are doing just fine, by the way.

marys-second-maternity-session-mark-knopp 6


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Chelsey’s first sensual session with me.

Let’s show off the real, sensual, natural, you.

Chelsey came to me wanting to do some sensual images. I was honored that she had asked me to help her out in getting new images and was truly excited about the opportunity to work with someone like her.

You see, she is not what some in the market would call “standard.” She is not 5’8 and 100 pounds. She is not Caucasian nor is she a blonde. She is, in fact, perfectly, wonderfully, human.

Now, if you’ve been a regular reader of this page then you know where I stand on what is “beautiful.” To be bluntly honest, I think all women of all sizes, age, shape, ethnicity, et cetera, are beautiful. It is my core belief that everyone is beautiful as they are, right now, and it is my job to bring out that beauty.

chelsea-first-sensual-session 15
Chelsea playing in the window.

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