Tried something new for holiday boudoir today.


I’m so pleased that I couldn’t wait to show it.

miss-w-holiday-boudoir-photo 1

Mark Knopp is, for now, a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton roads community and beyond. Contact him today at mark(at) to book your session while he’s still here.

Miss Marci’s first boudoir session.

She did it as a gift to herself and, as a result, surprised herself.

Marci messaged me one day about doing a boudoir session. She had never done one before but wanted to give it a try as a self-image boost. A gift to herself, in this gift giving season. She was nervous, which is to be expected, but excited about the experience. We chatted about ideas, outfit options, expectations, et cetera, and then set the date.

On the day of the session she first went to Carly C. Vega ( for her make-up and hair. Carly, who rocks in my book, did her magic and sent Marci on her way to me. As soon as she showed up I knew we were going to have a great session. She came prepared with several outfits and accessories which showed her off.

marci-virginia-beach-boudoir 2

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Sarah’s second sensual session.

Doing a single session is like trying to have just one potato chip.

Astute viewers may notice that some people appear more than once on this page. That isn’t a mistake. You see, I’ve found out that trying to do just one session is habit forming for most. It’s like trying to have just one potato chip or just one M+M.

Go ahead, try it.

Sarah is one of those people. She had such a great time the first time, loved the resulting images so much, and got such a positive response from her friends, that she contacted me almost immediately to do it again. Of course I said yes immediately.

Sarah's-second-sensual-session 5

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