Heads up, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.

I’m heading back tomorrow and primed to do more sensual sessions.

Today is my last full day in central NY. Three weeks flew by so fast.

I’m re-energized and inspired to try new ideas. I’ll be back tomorrow and ready to rock out more sensual, boudoir, nudoir, bridal, maternity, baby bonding, nude, form, erotic, bondage, couples, and bdsm, at my place, your place, a suite at a high end hotel, or out on location like downtown, a farm, and more.

I am proud and thrilled to announce the return of the popular sunRISE beach sessions for those looking for something a bit more edgy. No one is around at that time so we can get quite a bit more daring. It’s not for everyone but it is something special for those willing to take a chance.


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Return to form work

When Mark first approached me about doing a form session I was not sure what he meant. He then sent me some previous work he has done and I was immediately intrigued. The photos of the Greek sculpture-like bodies drew me in. Although I was asked to do the shoot Mark, as usual, left me completely in charge. I was completely comfortable the entire time and excited to see the results…which were AMAZING! Seeing just body parts captured in that way is amazing to see. All the hard work from training of each little groove and cut was caught on camera. I’m already looking forward to the next one. – Amira

The human form is a thing of absolute beauty to me. I am endlessly fascinated by the way it works, how it moves and the million little details that are unique to each of us. To elevate a single form to a work of art is the ultimate experience in my eyes. Any chance anyone gives me to explore, document, and bring out the beauty that is the human body is chance I’ll gladly accept.

form 3
form 3

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