Heads up, Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.

I’m heading back tomorrow and primed to do more sensual sessions.

Today is my last full day in central NY. Three weeks flew by so fast.

I’m re-energized and inspired to try new ideas. I’ll be back tomorrow and ready to rock out more sensual, boudoir, nudoir, bridal, maternity, baby bonding, nude, form, erotic, bondage, couples, and bdsm, at my place, your place, a suite at a high end hotel, or out on location like downtown, a farm, and more.

I am proud and thrilled to announce the return of the popular sunRISE beach sessions for those looking for something a bit more edgy. No one is around at that time so we can get quite a bit more daring. It’s not for everyone but it is something special for those willing to take a chance.


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A recent sensual session with Mrs. R.

Going beyond basic boudoir and why I’m different.

I recently crossed into my second year of boudoir photography and the occasion caused me to stop and evaluate where I am and where I’m going with this. Coincidentally, I was talking to a friend last week about the genre. She had reviewed this site and wanted to know why I was different from others working the same area. What did I bring to the table that was different, she asked. What was the value of working with me as opposed to someone else?

Soon after I started to shoot boudoir I realized that the images I was capturing were so much more than beautiful women lounging around in lingerie or in various stages of undress. In fact, as I went over the images posted here, more and more of the final “keepers” had little to do with the outfit itself.

Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 14

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Miss A.’s first sensual session – Part II.

The conclusion to my first Super Session, a client’s protection, and a call to action for you.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, I’d read Part I of this entry first.

So here we are, Constant Viewer. The conclusion of my first Super Session with the amazing Miss A.

Of course Miss A. isn’t her real name nor is it even close to any part of her real name. She wanted to do the session and had no problem with me showing some of the images as long as I met some of her conditions starting with some identification protection as she is in, shall we say, a sensitive job. Another condition was stated in the earlier post – some images were too revealing and she wanted to keep those for herself.

A headshot showing off those lovely eyes from Miss A’s first sensual session.

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