Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the people shown here models? For the most part no. There are a handful of people here that do make their living as a model, yes. However, the vast majority of images you see here are of everyday people. People just like you. They have regular jobs in various career fields or are stay at home moms who had a desire to try it. Some of them have actually went on to start modeling careers of their own. I should point out that this was the first time that many of the “pros” did a boudoir session. There’s always a first time.

I should also note that there is no “standard” model here. I’ve worked with a wide range of subjects of all ages, races, builds, et cetera. Everyone is beautiful. It’s my job to find and show it. I love photographing all women.

2. I’m nervous about doing a session. Good, that means you’re human. Being nervous when trying something new is normal and to be expected. To be honest I still get a little nervous before a shoot and I’ve been doing it for 30 years. I like that feeling as it keeps me on my toes and striving to do my best every single time. The day I don’t get a little worked up before a shoot will be the day I hang up my gear.

Everyone is a little nervous when they come in for their first session. However, once we get shooting, you’ll find that they slowly disappear. I call it the warm-up period and it only lasts for a few minutes. Once we’re past that then the real fun begins, I promise.

3. I need to lose (x) amount of weight. Oh Lord, don’t we all? What I mean by that is that if you ask anyone, ANYONE, they will say the same thing. Every single person I’ve worked with has voiced that very same concern. Even high-end fashion models are always lamenting about that “last five pounds” they need to lose. Or that they need to tone this or that up.

It is my job as a photographer to flatter women of all shapes and sizes. We show off the highlights with poses, lighting, shooting angles and wardrobe choices. You are wonderful as you, just as you are. Let’s show that off.

4. I don’t know how to pose. Don’t worry – this is also normal. This is where my teaching style kicks in. I’ll coach you through the poses, explaining what they do for you and your look, as we go. We start off with easy warm up poses that are very easy to hit and hold – you get to lay there looking gorgeous! We then move on, in a logical progression, to other poses that accent your best features.

5. Will you retouch my images? Yes, I do retouch images to remove blemishes and such. My goal is not wholesale revision which will leave you wondering just who is in the shot but rather just enough to make you look like yourself on your best days. We will discuss the level of retouching you desire after the shoot.

6. I’m not really comfortable doing anything really risqué/nude. I have a few hard and fast rules that I always follow no matter what. The biggest one is that I always work within the comfort zone defined by the client so what we shoot, at any level, is really up to you.

It is not my goal to get someone to do something they don’t want to do. I always ask what your limits are right at the start so there’s no confusion or doubt. You draw the line and I don’t cross it. If you want to stay fully covered then that’s what we’ll do. If you’re comfortable with a little implied, then so be it. I don’t push. If the subject voices a desire to do something more then we can go from there. However, I leave that up to the individual.

7. I’m not as pretty as the women on here. Oh, but you’re so wrong about that. You are stunning. When it comes to a fair judge of our looks, we are the harshest critics of ourselves. It’s human nature.

Honestly – there isn’t a person in these pages that didn’t have something they wished was better/bigger/smaller, etc. Every single one had doubts/concerns.  Ask yourself this – what are 5 things about yourself that you like and get compliments on? Everyone can easily rattle off 5. Then we will make those attributes the stars of our shoot. You are a unique beauty.

8. I don’t want my images spayed all over the internet and on billboards. Rest assured they won’t. I would easily say 75% of the images I shoot will never be placed on this page as they were done as personal mementos/keepsakes. These sessions are absolutely private. Your photos will not be shared anywhere without your explicit permission beforehand. Discretion is always my top priority.

9. What kinds of boudoir styles are there? Well, like most things there are several levels of boudoir that we can photograph. We could start with the mostly clothed but with a sexy spin like an open blouse or wet shirt. The next level could be lingerie like bra and panties, stockings, teddies, slips, etc. Next could be considered the topless level where you could cover yourself or remain uncovered showing back and/or front views. Finally there’s nudity but even here there are layers as you could be nude but backlit to make a silhouette or placed behind a sheer curtain. You could also be posed in a way to show nothing or you could dare to bare. It’s really up to you.

The funny thing about nudity is that you could be in a sheer body stocking that leaves nothing to the imagination and considered to be clothed. You can also be totally nude but posed in a way that shows nothing. Crazy world.

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