Ann – Part I.

This seriously sensual session was so good I need to break it down into sections.

I usually do edgy, editorial type shoots. Working with Mark was great change of pace. I felt so soft and feminine. Mark made me feel comfortable so I was able to let go of the world.” – Ann

What can I say about Ann? I could say that she blew me away with her presence. I could say that her captivating eyes could stop ships with a wink. I could say that she belongs on the cover of major magazines. I could also say that her humor and quirkiness made working with her a breeze.

I could say all that but I think the images say that and so much more so I’m going to let them do the majority of the talking.


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Angelina’s sensual session.

The experience was excellent over all. I had a lot of fun and felt very comfortable during the session. Mark handled himself in a very professional manner and I felt in control during the session. – Angelina.

Thanks Angelina :-).

One of the first things I discuss with someone who is considering a sensual session is just who is in control. My response has always been the same – they are. They control what we shoot, where we shoot, when we shoot and what happens to the images after the shoot. They control everything.


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Arlandra’s session

Arlandra’s session

I’m settling into this new, lighter look quite well. I’m also settling into using my place as the setting for these images. As always it’s not what you have but how you use it that matters and, in this case, my place is turning out to be a great place to shoot. I’ve purchased an antique perfume bottle, a brownie camera, the netting, small pillows, some jewelry and, of course, the red velvet couch to add flavor and context to the images.

Arlandra stopped over for a session earlier in the week. After going through outfits we decided to start on the bed, framed by natural light coming through the window. She put on some mood music and climbed up into the king-sized bed surrounded by netting. She really took to the setting and lost herself in the concept of her in a Princess bed setting. She was magical in the lighting and I took full advantage of it.


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Diana’s session

Really good boudoir is so much more than someone laying around in their underwear. Boudoir, for me at least, is best when the person loses themselves in the moment. She is in her inner sanctum where she can remove her mental armor and relax. She can let her guard down and enjoy the sensations.

She can be a woman – not the boss, not mom, not an employee, not a sister, and all the other hats today’s women wear. In today’s rushed, non-stop, deadline based world, sometimes we forget that we are human and have human desires. One of those desires is the ability to feel good about ourselves – to enjoy our sensuality. To feel desirable and desired.


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Chrissy’s session

My first time with the new look.

A little while ago Chrissy contacted me as she was going to be in town soon and wanted to do a session. We had worked together a few years ago and hit it off really well. As usual, life stepped in and, while we never totally lost touch with each other, contact was reduced to a few messages from time to time on social media. So, it was a real pleasant surprise when she said she wanted to get together again for another round.

She’s an open spirit – she’s willing to explore new ideas and willing to try most everything. This made her ideal for my first foray into this new, lighter look for my boudoir side. More importantly, as we had already worked together once, we already had a strong bond of trust which is essential to these kinds of images.

She came prepared and, after a welcoming hug, we went to work.


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