About Me

Who am I?

Well, let’s just get the big one out of the way first – yes, I’m a guy and I know that may be an issue for some people. Let me explain why I’m not the person you think I might be.

My name is Mark and I’m a Virginia Beach-based photographer with over 30 years of experience photographing weddings, model portfolios, working at local newspapers as a photojournalist, and various portraits. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in photography and have completed 45 hours at the Master’s level. I love everything about photography. I even teach it to anyone who wants to learn through workshops and private classes.

In all honesty I can say I’ve worked with over a thousand individuals and groups over the span of my career. I’ve worked with people of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. I’ve worked with 18 year olds up through grandmothers. I’ve worked with couples and members of the transgender community.

In other words, this is not a cheap thrill or fly-by-night operation. This is my passion and career that I’ve devoted my whole life to. I would not do anything that would jeopardize this.

My goal for every shoot remains the same – to capture your inner sensuality and beauty while maintaining a professional, relaxed atmosphere. There is no hidden agenda.

I have an extensive list of references that you can use to check me out.  I’m also always open to meeting you in a public space of your choosing or through Skype to discuss a potential shoot before making a decision.

Why do I love working with people?

I could be taking pictures of other things but it really feeds my soul when I work with someone else. There’s a deeper connection when there’s another person in front of my lens than, say, a flower or traditional landscape. The ultimate joy, for me, is capturing an image that really makes the person I’m working with stop and say “wow” when they see it. It truly makes me feel great when I show them something they weren’t expecting.

Why do I love to shoot on location rather than a studio?

I love shooting on location. I’m all about new challenges – whether it’s taking something I’ve worked with before and doing something different with it or trying out new sites and seeing what I can do with them. Studios are fine – don’t get me wrong – but there’s only so much you can do with a paper backdrop and a couple props. Out there we have the world to play with. While doing boudoir work I relish the challenge of lighting the space to bring focus onto the subject and really making them shine.

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