What makes me unique when it comes to boudoir.

I’m breaking the Golden Rule of blogging by talking about myself for a moment.

I was having lunch recently with a really great friend and we were talking about how to improve our online business presences. We were tossing ideas back and forth about the other’s site when she hit me with a doozy.

What exactly makes me different from the other boudoir photographers out there?

virginia-beach-hotel-boudoir 7

She has been a follower of the site since it’s beginning and nowhere, she said, was there any mention of what makes me different from the others that provide the same services that I do. I pointed out to here that the rule about blogging was to always make it about the person in the images. Talk about them, what it was like working with them, add a few words of endorsement, post images from the session so others can see what I can do, et cetera.

It has always been about the images, I added. They speak for themselves. She said that was true but only to a certain point. Sooner or later, she continued, it’s good to actually talk about yourself. They aren’t looking for a photographer, they are looking for a reason to hire you, meaning me, as THEIR photographer. Therefore, they want to know what makes me special so they can feel comfortable when it’s time to book.

So, she asked again, what makes me stand out from the others?

Well, that’s been bouncing around my head since that day. I loathe talking about myself as it smacks of grandstanding which has never been my style. But she does have a point so I’m going to jump in.

What makes me different from other photographers that do boudoir?

– My experience. I’ve been photographing boudoir since 2008 and portraits in general for 30 years. That’s a lot of time spent finding poses that flatter people, learning the ins and outs of gear, mastering the use of light and all other aspects of photography. Heck, I even teach photography at the college level. This equates to confidence which is transmitted to the client.

– My intent when it comes to the concept of boudoir. When you look at boudoir images on search engine sites you see a lot of the same stuff. Women in lingerie giving the “O” face to the camera. To me boudoir is so much more and we talk about that before the session. The mindset I try to foster results in images that transcend the concept of basic boudoir. This actually resulted in this site being called Sensual Photos instead of boudoir because these images are all about sensuality in all forms. We’ll talk more about this when you book your session.

– My flexibility. I have a dedicated space here at my place for boudoir sessions but we can also do sessions at another place of your choosing. I have a portable studio and love to travel. We’ve done sessions in hotel suites, bed and breakfasts, at the beach, at the clients home, and a cabin. Heck, we even did one at a farm. Loved that one.

– You see the images first and THEN decide what comes next. I edit the best of the best and email them to you. Nothing gets shown anywhere without your explicit permission first. You can clear them all for publication, you can clear certain ones or you keep them all to yourself. You are in control at all times. Once you make your decision, I stand by it with no argument. No pressure and complete privacy.

– You book a session with me, not a timeframe. You see a lot of people offering 20-30-40 minute sessions. Not me. We go until we are satisfied with what we got. A typical session goes two to two and a half hours. I’m not a clock watcher. How can someone relax and have fun when they see me checking my watch or there’s a timer running somewhere?

– There is no standard boudoir session. We customize each session to fit your desires. Some want light and airy. Got that. Some want dark and mysterious. Got that. Some like to mix both. Can do. Some like to play it safe and keep everything covered. Perfect. Some like to explore deeper things like semi nude, nude, and fetish. Let’s go. The point is that no one gets the same session. This is all about you, not some cookie cutter operation.

So these are some of the ways that I’d like to think make me stand out. If you can think of others, drop me a line letting me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Contact him at mark(at)sensualphotosbymarkk.com with any questions you might have or to book your session today.

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