Mrs C’s Virginia Beach fitness boudoir session.

Boudoir, in my mind, is a place where a woman can drop her mental and physical armor and just enjoy being a woman.

The best thing about doing what I do means I get to work with such a diverse group of people. I have yet had a “typical” boudoir session. Each of us is unique. We are perfectly, wonderfully, ourselves.

I’m not talking just about age, ethnicity, or size. I’m also taking about personalities. Which means, when combined with my desire to capture them simply being themselves, that no two sessions will ever be the same.

I could set up the same scene, with the same light, and put everyone in the same poses. Once I do that, I would tell each of them “you do you”, which is to say do what feels right to them or whatever comes to their minds. And then they’re off to the races. Some might go the route of coquette, others might default to playful friskiness. Some might adopt an air of aloofness, others burst out laughing.

And then there’s people like Mrs. C. here. She exudes honest confidence and a directness that is very alluring. This is a person who knows who she is, knows what she wants, and doesn’t give a second’s though as to what others think. She is the epitome of a 21st century woman.

Some might look at her images and say “I can never look like her.” To which I would reply “Of course not, let’s show off what makes you, YOU! You have qualities that no one else has. Let’s show them off.”

Obviously, Mrs C. is a fitness enthusiast. There is a stereotype that women shouldn’t work out, that they should be “soft.” I say bullshit. In my opinion all bodies are sensual, this includes hard bodies. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves – no matter what fitness level, age, et cetera, they are.

Embrace who you are, don’t lament on what you’re not. I would never turn anyone away from doing such a session. The whole point of boudoir, in my mind, is that it’s a place for a woman to drop her mental and physical armor and just enjoy being a woman.

Mrs. C did that and the images show it. Contact me if you’d like to do the same.

mrs-c-virginia-beach-boudoir-session 4

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Contact him at mknopp1(at) with any questions you might have or to book your session today.

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