Miss M’s first boudoir session.

She wanted a pick-me-up after a breakup but I ended up being humbled by the experience.

I’ve known Miss M for a while on social media. We started chatting online one day after she made a post about women and cars that I agreed with and we started a conversation. That discussion opened the door to another photo session that should be coming along shortly. Stay tuned for that.

During one chat she said she loved my boudoir work and was thinking of doing a session. She came out of a relationship recently and wanted to do something that would raise her spirits. Doing this would help her out.

So we put our brains together and made a plan. It was her first time doing a boudoir session so she was naturally unsure of what to expect or how she wanted to be portrayed. So we decided that we’d keep it light and loose. Nothing bold or extreme, just keep it as simple as possible. We would just see where it went.

Let her be her, in other words, and I push the button.

The day came for the session. She was nervous, yes, but more excited than anything else. She was witty, funny, and a dynamo of energy. Her laugh was easy and infectious.

But those eyes. Oh. My. God. Those eyes. I took one look at those orbs and knew they had to be the star of the show. They didn’t tell stories, they were epic novels. I could fill several editions using just them.

People always change when the camera comes out. Seemingly confident people sometimes go quiet and uncertain. It scares them. I have been doing this for over three decades and I still can’t predict how a newcomer will do until we start the session. Then it becomes very obvious very fast how it’s going to go.

Some clam up tight and nothing will break them out. I’ve had people that I thought would be amazing try it for 20 minutes and call it quits. Sometimes they rock the hell out of our time together.

But then there are those that I thought would run away screaming in terror but just bloom into glory when the lens is pointed their way. It is like watching the dawn break. They just open up and blossom into this glorious creature that has such a power and presence. It literally takes my breath away.

Miss M is one of those people.

She looked down for a moment right before I took the first picture. Then she looked up and right at the camera. Right into my soul, it seemed. I took a small step back because she caught me off guard. I’m not kidding. It was that much of an impact.

Within 10 minutes I had my camera less than two feet away from her face and she didn’t flinch. She was right there, looking right back at the camera, right at the viewer, and owning it. She was defiant, she was graceful, she was dynamic, she was vulnerable, she was sultry, and she was at peace with herself. She was everything BUT unsure of herself when that camera was pointed in her direction.

These moments humble me.

There were so many great images. I want to post them all but I’m trying to limit the number of images I do post because I know people get numb to them after a while. Post only the best of the best, they say. Trust me when I say that there are a lot more than what’s shown here.

There will be a lot more photo books written with Miss M.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Contact him at mknopp1(at)cox.net with any questions you might have or to book your session today.


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