Miss H’s sensual boudoir session in Virginia Beach.

She wanted something special to give to her husband for their wedding anniversary.

Miss H found herself in a quandary. Her wedding anniversary was coming up and she was struggling for idea on what to get her other half. Nothing was standing out as a clear winner. She wanted something personal, that would mean something, and that her husband would cherish.

Then she hit upon the idea of a boudoir session.

She was intrigued with the idea as it would check off a lot of boxes. It would be personal, from her heart, it would be cherished, and it would be a chance to show off her hard work at the gym.

miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 2

But there was a problem. She had never done anything like this before and was, understandably, unsure about the whole thing. It was way outside her comfort zone. So she reached out to me and we started to talk about the whole process. We texted and then met at a local bookstore for a face to face.

We went over her concerns right at the beginning. Then we discussed her desires in terms of what she was looking for in potential final images. Things like the mood and style of the images, what she wanted to show off, how she wanted to be portrayed, et cetera.

We decided to hold the session at her place as she would be most comfortable there. I did a walk through of her place days before the session to figure out where the best light would be and what time of day would be best. Then, as we now had a day and start time,  we set up an appointment with Carly Vega (http://makeupbyvega.com) for hair and make-up.

Then the big day arrived.

What a blast. The mood was light and fun. Music played in the background. She was a little unsure at the start but very quickly opened up to the experience. It was immediately obvious to me that her eyes and smile had to be showcased. She went from sweet and innocent to downright daring and back. We weren’t rushed at all and moved at a leisurely pace.

I’ll let her take over for a bit.

“I was looking for a unique wedding anniversary gift for my husband and am so glad I found Mark! I was a little hesitant to do a boudoir shoot with a male photographer, but I am glad I went with Mark because he made it a lot of fun. I did the shoot at my house and my friend was his assistant, so it made it a very comfortable experience for me. The whole session made me feel like a sexy model and I was pumped for my fitness photo shoot the next day. My husband absolutely loves the photos! I highly recommend Mark for boudoir sessions!”

Me again. The resulting images, I think, are amazing. Groundbreaking in a lot of ways. Leave me a comment and tell me what you think.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Make sure to follow this page for alerts when it gets updated and leave him some love in the form of likes and comments. Contact him at mknopp1(at)cox.net with any questions you might have or to book your session today.

miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 1miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 2miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 3miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 4miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 5miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 6miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 7miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 8miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 9miss-h-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 12

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