This is a call to action to every woman who thinks they can’t do a boudoir session.

I need more people like Mrs. R to be ambassadors for others.

The biggest misconception, I find, about doing a boudoir session is that you must be 18, flawless, and size -2 to look good doing it. I’m here to say that is totally wrong. In my opinion, the only thing someone needs is an open mind backed by a strong photographer.

I know the concerns, I feel them deeply and emphasize with them. I really do. “I need to lose weight”, “I’m too old”, “I have stretch marks”, “I don’t look like the women you have on your site”, “I’m not special, I don’t deserve it”, et cetera.

That voice inside your head trumps anything anyone can say.  I totally get it. There is no amount of words or phrasings that I can generate that will overcome some people’s fears and doubts.

Which is way I’m posting this call to action today. I need you. I need women of all ages, shapes, sizes, races, those that are pregnant, those with handicaps, survivors of illness, et cetera, to step forward and show the rest that they can do it. I need you to be a vanguard for others. Lead the way.

Mrs-R-Virginia-Beach-boudoir 8

Take Mrs. R here. She is a grandmother. Up until now I never mentioned it as I never try to promote someone as being different from anyone else here. Isolating one makes them seem unique. It also tends to lead people to start thinking “Well, she looks good for her age.” like she’s a rare exception. That’s not the point at all. It’s not fair to her or the others.

She is not the only grandmother on this site. There are several mothers here, too. They have the body issues that come with childbirth. Yes, some have babies in the images but there are others that don’t. Can you pick them out? No? Good, that means I did my job. Poses and light are my only tools. I don’t Photoshop anyone to reshape them.

The point I try to drive home on this site is that ALL women are beautiful. What you see here is what you would see on the back of my camera during the session with minor touch ups and color correcting.

Every woman here had doubts during their first session. Each and every one. However, they dialed back their inner voices and made a leap of faith, putting their trust in me. They soon discovered that their fears were unwarranted and they had a blast doing it. Some had such a great time that they come back every so often for another session. Like Mrs. R here.

As the saying goes – “Pictures for proof.” People put much more weight into images than words. I can type up words for the rest of my life but a picture drives the point home immediately.

So, I’m looking for more. I want to work with as wide range of ages as possible. More moms, more grandmothers, and great grandmothers. More races. I’m looking for more transgender people. More sizes and shapes. Hard bodies and soft curves. Embrace yourself and own it. Show others that they are beautiful, too, deserve a session, and would rock it.

I’m reaching out for people currently living with an illness, are survivors of cancer, survivors of abuse, women with scars, are handicapped, et cetera.  Help people see past that.

I welcome you all with open arms. Allow me the privilege to work with you. Stand up and be the proof for other women that they are not alone. Be the flag bearer for others like you.


Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community and beyond. Make sure to like this page so you’ll get alerts when it gets updated and leave him some love in the form of a comment. Contact him at with any questions you might have or to book your session today.

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