My first ever couples boudoir session.

I couldn’t have had a better time and the images are amazing. Book your couples session today.

Doing a couples boudoir session has always been on my photographer’s Bucket List. The desire to capture the essence of a relationship in a sensual manner has always intrigued me both artistically and technically. Recently I had a chance to cross off that item on the list.

The main reason for the delay was that I wanted an honest relationship between two people. I didn’t want to fake it with actors/models as I feel viewers would see through the ruse. There would be doubt in their eyes and discomfort would be reflected in the way they posed. I want to capture true, unfettered, desire in its purist form. I wanted honest actions and reactions with no posing as they moved about.

Enter Sam and Chris.

As always we had a conversation before the session where we laid out the ideas, plans and boundaries of the session. I didn’t want there to be any doubt or surprise on either side of the camera.

Then we began.

As with any photo session there is a warm-up period at the beginning as everyone gets used to the idea of being in front of the camera. A pleasant surprise was that, as they were paying attention to each other, they quickly “forgot” about me as thy got lost in each other. They didn’t need any guidance and I could concentrate in capturing the moments which made my job so much easier.

People tend to think of these sessions as bordering “Adult” but there is so much to capture. It wasn’t sexual all the time, as real relationships aren’t. It was a real joy as we explored the range and scope. They were playful and light one minute and then passionate the next. There’s quiet moments of true connection, often with just a touch or caress. Then there’s volcanic eruptions of sensual response.

Yes, it did get steamy at times. Yes, we did stay within the boundaries set at the beginning of the session. No, not every couples session will look this way. Every relationship has it’s own unique qualities, it’s own inner workings. My true desire isn’t to make the people in my images do things that aren’t really them. I would never ask someone to do something that isn’t a true reflection of their personality or desires.

I want to bring out the parts of them that make them unique. I want all my session to be fun and “real”.

So it was no real surprise for me when they walked out in their final outfits. After everything we had photographed, they wanted to end the session as their favorite comic book characters. She was Harley Quinn and he was Deadpool. Yes, I realize this pairing may raise some eyebrows with purists. Get over it. I loved it.

This was who they were deep down. They identified with these characters on a personal level and they wanted to be portrayed as such. So we ran with it.

I freaking loved every moment of it. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing between shots as they interacted with each other because I was having so much fun doing it.

It was amazing and it was an honor working with them.

Mark knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at for your solo or couples session.


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