Miss F’s recent sensual session.

Exploring the Dark Side further with fine art form.

Oh how this is getting so very exciting.

When I started my photographic journey in earnest decades ago I found myself firmly in the realm of black and white fine art nude and form. My first solo show was heavily weighed towards this genre not to mention my BFA graduation portfolio. An example of that work was awarded the President’s Award and now is part of the permanent collection of SUNY Oswego.

miss-f-boudoir-virginia-beach 14

Warning – Tech Talk Ahead – It was also at this time that I crossed over to the digital format. The camera back then was very limiting in terms of capabilities as the technology just wasn’t there. My brand new Nikon Coolpix 5000 camera was a whopping 5.2 MP with an ISO range of 200-800 (which was totally useless above 200). The best media card was 32 MB which held about 18 images total before it was filled up. Oh, the glory days they were.

By the way, if you’d like to see examples of that work head over to my SmugMug page and check them out with some more recent additions.

Well, times were a-changing and I soon found myself going down other paths, photographically.

But the desire to create more of those images never went away. It remained in the back of my creative mind, almost dormant but persistently singing to me. Like an early morning dream one has just before waking.

With the recent return to the Dark Side I finally had a reason to scratch this particular itch. It has been luxurious so far and I see so many avenues of further exploration opening up as I dig deeper.

Now I need to stop right here and remind people thinking of doing a session with me that this is not a goal I wish to pursue with everyone. As always I work within the comfort zone of the client so what we shoot is really up to them. If they want to remain fully dressed and demure then that’s exactly what we will do. There will never be a push from me for them to go further than their limits. Ever.

I should also mention that if someone does want to create images in this vein but are concerned about their identity getting out there, there are several levels of safeguards to prevent this. Level I is publishing it all in all her glory. Level 10 is where the images never get published on the internet. There are several steps of protection in between these two extremes.

Miss F. is a great example. She was intrigued about doing such a session. The idea of using herself as a work of art, like a sculpture, was something she was exited to try. While there are no images here even getting close to showing anything “R” rated – you might think you’re seeing something but I assure you, you are not – we did take precautions.

We discussed what was involved with the session beforehand, we warmed up with more standard style boudoir images before moving into the form work, she saw all images generated from the session before she left, I deleted anything she was even remotely uncomfortable with right in front of her, I sent all edited images to her prior to publication for her final approval, she nixed a couple more which I readily agreed to and we agreed that I would not use her real name to keep it off search engines.

There are several other options we could have used like not including images of her face or other identifying birthmarks, tattoos, et cetera, making it totally anonymous.

Your comfort is paramount. This goes not only for the session but also with the results and what is to become of the final images. You are in control of everything.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at mknopp1@cox.net for your photographic needs.



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