Mrs. K’s first ever sensual session.

Women like her are exactly why I do this.

People always ask me what I get out of doing sensual sessions like the one here I recently did with Mrs. K. The answer is simple – simple, deep fulfillment.

These (mostly) women come to me full of hope and doubt. They know they want to be shown in a certain way. Which way is something we discuss beforehand. They also come with concerns and uncertainty. This is also something we discuss beforehand. We build a personal game plan together that shows them off in the best possible way.

Then they put their trust and faith into me to present them with images that show that themselves off. I can’t stress enough just how important this responsibility is. I literally have the ability to build up someone’s self image or confirm their worst fears. It is something that I never treat lightly.

Mrs-K-first-sensual-session 1

A baseline goal for others would be to at least meet their expectations but I’m not happy until I show images that blow their wildest dreams out of the water.

Like these images here. I knew within moments of meeting Mrs. K. that I had an exceptional person. She came with her lists of hopes and concerns. Like everyone I’ve ever worked with before, her list of concerns were longer than her lists of high points when it came to her appearance.

I assured her as best as I could before we started the session. She heard my words, still had doubts, and then took a leap of faith. That, to me, is the most amazing thing another person can do. Take their fears and doubts, set them aside, and just do it. That’s a powerful, brave thing.

As always I show images that were just captured to the client every so often to show them they made the right choice and to boost their confidence. Every time I show them something they just light up even more. They relax and open up more which results in even better images. It’s like watching a beautiful flower open up and bloom.

Then we look at the images on the computer monitor where they can see the glory in full force. These images are straight put of the camera with zero retouching. they are seeing the images in their purest form with no post production magic. I don’t have to watch their faces to know their reactions. Little gasps of breaths, muted “Oooo’s” and a sudden lean forward towards the computer screen are all the validations I need to know I did something wonderful.

They leave the session knowing they did something wonderful. This is the source of my sense of fulfillment. That I made someone feel better about themselves drives me to do more like them. It feeds my soul.

I am going to end todays entry with a request. Let me know what topics you’d like to read about more in these entries. Was there something discussed before you’d like to learn more about? Something I haven’t written about but you would like me to? I will be bringing on guest bloggers in the near future to expand topics and points of view. Let me know by dropping me a line here or at

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at for your photographic needs.

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