Susie’s first session takes the concept of sensual to a whole new level.

Sometimes the universe aligns just right and the results are stellar.

Wow. Just wow. I am literally at a loss for words with these images.

The recent decision to incorporate the dark with the light has seem to strike a nerve. The response I’ve received, from messages, emails, private chats, et cetera, has been a bit overwhelming in a good way.

And then, as if a sign from a higher power, Susie reaches out to me out of nowhere and says she would like to do a session. Sight unseen I agreed. The way she talked about herself and her personality had me hooked almost immediately. We agreed to play on the Dark side and the Light side.

susie's-first-sensual-session-mark-knopp 14

The session together was magical. Every single time she moved there was a moment I had to capture. Even her moving to a new position generated so many other possibilities that we literally didn’t get to more than half of the outfits she brought.

So, let’s run down this, shall we?

Is she 5’10? Ummm, no.

Is she a Size -2? Pish.

Is her skin free of scars and tattoos? I honestly think she has more ink than bare skin.

In other words, she isn’t like the women you’d typically see in lingerie ads.

But, my God, did she ever rock my world. She is, in my honest opinion, perfect.

Why, you ask?

Because she’s perfectly, wonderfully her and doesn’t care what others think. She exudes sensuality.

I always say the most important things someone can bring to a session is their personality, confidence, and a desire to have fun. Well, Susie had more than enough for herself and three other people. If I could bottle her inner presence and sell it, we both could retire within a week.

So I say to you – be like Susie. Put your self doubts aside, embrace yourself in all you wonderful glory, and let’s do a sensual session together. Light Side, Dark Side or, in Susie’s case, a combination of both.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir/sensual photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at for your personally crafted session in time for the Holidays.

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