Boudoir mini sessions on location in Williamsburg.

Can’t come to me for a session? Then I’ll come to you.

Of late this blog has been filled with images from my boudoir set here in Virginia Beach. While I love working here, I thrive working at another location. There are infinite challenges and rewards when I take my show on the road as each place is unique. When the call comes for such a session, my heart speeds up a bit in anticipation of what’s in store. Even if it just a few miles down the road, there’s always extra excitement.

I’ve held sessions at various homes, hotels, bed and breakfasts here in Virginia Beach, Hampton, Williamsburg, Richmond, and the Eastern Shore. I’ve worked in Motel 6’s all the way up to 4 star resorts.

miss-s-boudoir-williamsburg 2

Each place brings unique nuances and flavors with their layout, décor and vibe. Some of my more fun sessions happen at places that most would skip by as the paint is a little chipped, the façade is a little worn, the appliances are a little dated, et cetera. They have character and charm that most new, slick, modern resorts lack. I like using it.

I especially love working in suites as they have so much more room to work with. Most have separate rooms – a kitchen, dining area, living room, bedroom, and a bathroom. Sometimes there’s even a spa tub or Jacuzzi. All of these spaces provide excellent backgrounds for sensual images.

Boudoir literally translates into “In her bedroom.” I don’t shoot boudoir – I capture sensual images and sensual images can happen anywhere. A suite opens the doors to an infinite amount of images in various environments and scenarios.

The images seen here were done at a resort in Williamsburg, Virginia. They were captured during a glorious weekend of  mini sessions. No one person paid for the suite – part of each session fee went to covering the cost of the room which is a great way to get an awesome space really inexpensively.

Blocks of time were set aside for each person with breaks interspersed between then so I could rest, eat, and reset for the next session. I booked the entire weekend at this 2 bedroom suite so I had sessions Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. No one was rushed as we had plenty of time. There were no extreme time limits like you see at other mini session where they claim to be able to get great images in under 30 minutes or so.

Who wants to be put under a ticking clock and told that you have 30-40 minutes or less to feel fabulous? 30 minutes is barely enough time to have a pizza delivered. There’s no way you can get unique, quality images of someone in that time. Heck, it typically takes 45 minutes for someone to relax and get used to the idea of being in front of a camera. We had hours to lounge, explore and play.

My “mini sessions” typically last 2+ hours so there’s nothing mini about them. They are great for a group of friends looking to share a new experience and get pictures for proof. The individual fee for such a session reflects the fact that the cost of the room is split 2, 3, 4+ ways.

If you are someone that flies solo then there’s an option for that, too.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir and portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at for your photographic needs.

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