Yes, today is April Fools Day but Brittany is no joke.

There is no real “season” for boudoir, bringing something unexpected to a session, and introducing “Noudoir”.

Here it is, April first. The birds are chirping, the trees are busting out (and leaving a mess on my car, I might add. Ugh.), and it’s warming up out there. It’s also that time of year when a young photographer’s fancy turns to thoughts of heading back outside for sessions.

Now, granted, I’m one of them. I simply adore holding portrait sessions outside, on location. I love it when the world is my studio. But that doesn’t mean I’m closing up the boudoir shop until the demand for intimate holiday gifts returns in the fall. Oh hell no. I shoot boudoir all year long.

brittany's-sensual-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 11
Brittany is ready for another round.

The set-up where I shoot boudoir remains up all year round. I also travel to the client’s place or the client books a space that we can use. I’ve also done sensual sessions outside, when the weather permits, and fully plan on pursuing that further this year. The point is that I’m always ready to do a boudoir/sensual session.

There are plenty of other occasions for a boudoir session other than for holiday gifts.

  • A recent promotion and/or a pay raise.
  • Just got engaged or have an anniversary coming up.
  • Just got a divorce.
  • Just found out you’re pregnant or want to show off the baby bump in a sexy way or just had a baby and want to show off.
  • Reaching a fitness goal.
  • You want a special girl’s day with your friends.
  • A special treat, just for you, as you want to feel empowered, pampered, and sexy.
  • A birthday gift for someone special (or for yourself).
  • You are fighting a medical issue or are recovering from one.
  • Just because it’s Wednesday and you need a little something to get over the hump.

I could go on but you get the point. Every woman deserves to feel sexy and desirable no matter what shape, size, or age. There is no bad time to do a boudoir session but there are plenty of reasons why you should/could. Contact me today to book your session.

I recently had a session with the beautiful Brittany. During the pre-shoot consult I asked her if she have any unusual talents, hobbies, props, et cetera, as part of my quest to create unique, more personal images. My goal, as always, isn’t to create cookie-cutter images but rather images that reflect the person, their personality, and such.

She mentioned her pink boxing gloves. DING, DING, DING. We have a winner. By all means, I said, bring them. You can see the results here. I love them. So, please, when you book a session with me, take a second to think of things that you can bring that would add a more unique spin to our images. You wont be sorry.

Finally, I want to take a moment to introduce a new option to our session. Actually, It’s nothing new at all as I’ve been doing it for years. I just never knew there was a name for it until recently. It’s called Noudoir. It is a subset of boudoir but here some form of nudity (partial or full) is included. You can see examples of noudoir below and in several previous entries.

Again, I shoot it all but always stay within the comfort zone of the subject so what we shoot is up to you. Noudoir is an option, not a requirement. It’s just another potential way of showing you off.

Almost forgot – Here’s a special shout out to Carly C. Vega for doing an awesome job with Brittany’s make-up and hair. You rock, Carly.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at for you photographic needs.



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