Mary Helen’s first maternity session.

Keeping it natural, simple, and light.

Mary Helen is no stranger to these pages as we have combined forces several times in the past. She has been on the road a lot this past year or else you’d be seeing a lot more of her. I truly cherish every chance I can get to work with her. So, when she said she was going to be in town for a few days there was no doubt that we would join up again.

But this time there was a twist. You can figure it out yourself by looking at the resulting images.

I love, love, LOVE working with expecting moms. There is a special air about them that is magical. That glow just adds to the effect with my style of luminous portraits. It also dove-tails nicely with my desire to show that all women are beautiful and deserve to be immortalized that way.

mary-helen-maternity-session 1

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Boudoir mini sessions on location in Williamsburg.

Can’t come to me for a session? Then I’ll come to you.

Of late this blog has been filled with images from my boudoir set here in Virginia Beach. While I love working here, I thrive working at another location. There are infinite challenges and rewards when I take my show on the road as each place is unique. When the call comes for such a session, my heart speeds up a bit in anticipation of what’s in store. Even if it just a few miles down the road, there’s always extra excitement.

I’ve held sessions at various homes, hotels, bed and breakfasts here in Virginia Beach, Hampton, Williamsburg, Richmond, and the Eastern Shore. I’ve worked in Motel 6’s all the way up to 4 star resorts.

miss-s-boudoir-williamsburg 2

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Yes, today is April Fools Day but Brittany is no joke.

There is no real “season” for boudoir, bringing something unexpected to a session, and introducing “Noudoir”.

Here it is, April first. The birds are chirping, the trees are busting out (and leaving a mess on my car, I might add. Ugh.), and it’s warming up out there. It’s also that time of year when a young photographer’s fancy turns to thoughts of heading back outside for sessions.

Now, granted, I’m one of them. I simply adore holding portrait sessions outside, on location. I love it when the world is my studio. But that doesn’t mean I’m closing up the boudoir shop until the demand for intimate holiday gifts returns in the fall. Oh hell no. I shoot boudoir all year long.

brittany's-sensual-boudoir-session-virginia-beach 11
Brittany is ready for another round.

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