Miss S’s first sensual boudoir session.

My goal isn’t to morph you into something you’re not but to bring the best you forward.

I hear it all the time. “I’d love to do a session with you but I’m not like those you have on your site.” My immediate response is “But that’s exactly why I think you should do it. Because there’s no one else on there like you. Let’s create pictures that show you at your best but also bring your personality out.”

My well-known battle with this genre has always been the same. I want to utterly destroy the thought that only Size 0 beauty queens can do this. In my world every woman is beautiful and deserves to be shown as such. Age, race, size, scars…. totally irrelevant in my mind. Mom of three? Yes, please. Grandmother? Bring it. Race? All are welcome. I’ve lost/gained weight? I welcome you with open arms. I survived cancer but have got scars? You, my lady, are going to shine.

Miss S's first sensual boudoir session 6

And, if you’ve looked through these pages, you’ll see prime examples of people that fit those categories and more. Did you notice? Could you point out the grandmother by images alone? The person that wasn’t happy with their body at the time of the session?

By the way, every single person on these pages had areas they were concerned about. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

I always sit the person down for a chat before the session to talk about any misgivings they might have about their physical appearance. I believe in putting all of the cards on the table. This way I can put their mind at ease that I will not put their biggest fears out there for the world to see. These are things that I make an effort to not showcase.

We talk about the concerns, to be sure, but we also talk about the things that they like about themselves. The things their friends compliment them on. The things that their significant others appreciate. These are the things we bring out more.

Another thing we discuss is the fact that they don’t always have to look like sex kittens in their images. I like bringing out their personalities as well. I adore big, natural smiles. Let them shine. I love the nerdy types, the playful types, the quiet types, the darkness, et cetera.

Trying to shoehorn everyone into one stereotypical persona would be tantamount to making them all wear the same, exact outfit. How dreadfully boring would that be?

So, bring the outfits, bring the accessories but, most importantly, bring your natural personality to a session. I want to create images that show you – the whole you – off.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based boudoir and beauty photographer that covers the Hampton Roads community. Contact him today at mknopp1@cox.net for your session.

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