Jessica’s sensual boudoir session.

My response to “The Letter” and the use of Photoshop in editing images.

When “The Letter” first broke on the web-o-sphere a while back I would get three to four links for it from friends and clients every week. I still get it on occasion. While I think the actual source may be questionable, I do believe it brought up important issues.

I’ve addressed those concerns in some form or another over several posts in a round-about way. Today I’m going to break a “rule” about boudoir blogging  (Always talk about the experience, never talk technical aspects. No one cares about the tech stuff) by talking about tech stuff. Specifically the use of Photoshop in “fixing” things.

Jessica's-sensual-boudoir-session-green eyes-lingerie
Jessica’s captivating green eyes.

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Miss S’s first sensual boudoir session.

My goal isn’t to morph you into something you’re not but to bring the best you forward.

I hear it all the time. “I’d love to do a session with you but I’m not like those you have on your site.” My immediate response is “But that’s exactly why I think you should do it. Because there’s no one else on there like you. Let’s create pictures that show you at your best but also bring your personality out.”

My well-known battle with this genre has always been the same. I want to utterly destroy the thought that only Size 0 beauty queens can do this. In my world every woman is beautiful and deserves to be shown as such. Age, race, size, scars…. totally irrelevant in my mind. Mom of three? Yes, please. Grandmother? Bring it. Race? All are welcome. I’ve lost/gained weight? I welcome you with open arms. I survived cancer but have got scars? You, my lady, are going to shine.

Miss S's first sensual boudoir session 6

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