Sarah F’s first sensual session wasn’t what she expected.

Confidence is the best thing to wear during a sensual session.

It always amazes me how many different ways a person can look by simply changing an outfit or the light. Take Sarah as an example. In the scope of a two hour session I was able to capture Quiet Sarah, Sassy Sarah, Bold Sarah, Flirty Sarah, Angelic Sarah but, most importantly, Confident Sarah. She exudes it in these images.

Confidence, to me, is the most important aspect in every one of these sessions.

This is why I always favor the poses and expressions that you see on these pages. I want them to ooze confidence. I want them to feel totally at home in their body and in their presence. My goal is for them, in the images where they face the camera, to look like they are thinking “Here I am, I know who I am, I’m not ashamed, I’m not changing for anyone, I don’t care what anyone thinks so deal with me on my terms.”

sarahf's first sensual boudoir session 8

The “trick” is getting someone who, most of the time just met me 30 minutes ago for the first time, look that way. I used the quotes that time because, to be honest, there is no actual trick. I don’t trick anyone. What you see are the honest expressions reflecting their mood at that moment obtained though working a certain way during the session to help get the person to that point.

Take Sarah here as an example. She has years of experience as a fashion model but never did a boudoir session before our time together. Everything she knew for showing off outfits wouldn’t work in this genre where the name of the game was to show her off. She was on uncertain, unknown ground. She was scared.

She took the leap of faith and put her trust in me.

I’ll let her testimony and the images speak for themselves in conclusion.

When I booked my shoot with Mark I was pretty nervous. Having come from having lots of experience with fashion modeling but no so much boudoir, I was afraid I wouldn’t be comfortable. As soon as I arrived, Mark made me feel great! We sat and chatted for a few and began shooting a little more clothed until I became comfortable. We went at a nice slow pace, and it was amazing! My music was playing, his camera was clicking, and everything fell into place. Mark was very understanding and gave direction when needed which I very much appreciated! Mark had some amazing images back to me very quickly! They were more than I ever expected!!!!!! He has a wonderful eye. I would recommended every woman work with him for that boost of confidence. Thank you Mark!

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait and boudoir photographer covering the Hampton Roads area. Contact him at today for your photographic needs.

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