I need your opinion on something.

The struggle between black and white and color is real.

So, as most of you know, I often have an issue choosing between color and black and white versions of the same images. It’s a product of my training. I learned my craft using black and white film processed in a black and white darkroom. there is a sense of style and elevated art form, in my opinion, when an image is done right in black and white.

But we live in a color world. We see in it and expect it – especially when it comes to portraits. And, if I’m totally honest, there is a greater level of difficulty getting skin tones right in a color image. You know me, I like challenges.

But the time has come to make a decision. Some dear friends have, rightfully, pointed out that I’m hedging my bets by doing the same image in both forms. It’s a cheat. It lacks a distinct style that could be uniquely mine. I need to stand up and say “This is my vision – right or wrong.”

sarahf's first sensual boudoir session 11

But I am still totally torn. They are my babies so my opinion can’t be trusted. You might as well ask me which sister or parent I like more. So, I’m asking you. Which of the following images below do you prefer and would be happy with if you were presented with as a final product? Given my past history here, has there been a choice that has stood out in your opinion?

Leave me a message here, at mknopp1@cox.net, or at my Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/photosbymarkk/



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