Sarah F’s first sensual session wasn’t what she expected.

Confidence is the best thing to wear during a sensual session.

It always amazes me how many different ways a person can look by simply changing an outfit or the light. Take Sarah as an example. In the scope of a two hour session I was able to capture Quiet Sarah, Sassy Sarah, Bold Sarah, Flirty Sarah, Angelic Sarah but, most importantly, Confident Sarah. She exudes it in these images.

Confidence, to me, is the most important aspect in every one of these sessions.

This is why I always favor the poses and expressions that you see on these pages. I want them to ooze confidence. I want them to feel totally at home in their body and in their presence. My goal is for them, in the images where they face the camera, to look like they are thinking “Here I am, I know who I am, I’m not ashamed, I’m not changing for anyone, I don’t care what anyone thinks so deal with me on my terms.”

sarahf's first sensual boudoir session 8

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I need your opinion on something.

The struggle between black and white and color is real.

So, as most of you know, I often have an issue choosing between color and black and white versions of the same images. It’s a product of my training. I learned my craft using black and white film processed in a black and white darkroom. there is a sense of style and elevated art form, in my opinion, when an image is done right in black and white.

But we live in a color world. We see in it and expect it – especially when it comes to portraits. And, if I’m totally honest, there is a greater level of difficulty getting skin tones right in a color image. You know me, I like challenges.

But the time has come to make a decision. Some dear friends have, rightfully, pointed out that I’m hedging my bets by doing the same image in both forms. It’s a cheat. It lacks a distinct style that could be uniquely mine. I need to stand up and say “This is my vision – right or wrong.”

sarahf's first sensual boudoir session 11

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