Sarah’s second sensual session.

Doing a single session is like trying to have just one potato chip.

Astute viewers may notice that some people appear more than once on this page. That isn’t a mistake. You see, I’ve found out that trying to do just one session is habit forming for most. It’s like trying to have just one potato chip or just one M+M.

Go ahead, try it.

Sarah is one of those people. She had such a great time the first time, loved the resulting images so much, and got such a positive response from her friends, that she contacted me almost immediately to do it again. Of course I said yes immediately.

Sarah's-second-sensual-session 5

You see, it’s addicting to me, too. I love the energy, the vibe, the experience of working with people so much that I crave doing them. I love every aspect of this experience – from meeting someone for the first time, the session, editing the images, sending out the results and talking about it here. It always elevates my mood and feeds my soul.

I truly, honestly, believe that I was put on this earth to do what I do. I have been blessed to figure out my station in this life. Photographing people and teaching photography to those that want to learn, is it.

So, when someone has such a positive experience and wants to go again, well it proves what I already know.

It also gives me a chance to explore more and to go deeper with the person. We have already established a link of trust and confidence that comes from the first session together. Now we can start at that level and go further. Both of us are more relaxed and comfortable which opens more doors. We already know what works pose and outfit-wise.

While images from a first session are awesome, the ones generated from the next session are always better because we are working on another level. I think, after seeing the images here, that you will agree.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him for your first, second, third, et cetera, session at today.

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