Sarah’s second sensual session.

Doing a single session is like trying to have just one potato chip.

Astute viewers may notice that some people appear more than once on this page. That isn’t a mistake. You see, I’ve found out that trying to do just one session is habit forming for most. It’s like trying to have just one potato chip or just one M+M.

Go ahead, try it.

Sarah is one of those people. She had such a great time the first time, loved the resulting images so much, and got such a positive response from her friends, that she contacted me almost immediately to do it again. Of course I said yes immediately.

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Samantha’s first sensual session.

Getting into the grove of working in the new place and letting your true self come out.

So the transition continues as I get used to the new space and what it has to offer – especially now that the holidays are over and all the decorations have been put away. Now I have unfettered access to the large windows and the light they provides plus I have an empty wall to work with. I can finally try to work in my antique couch and chaise. The more I shoot here the more excited I get.

Before I forget, let me remind you that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I’m offering a special deal to those that read this blog. Drop me an email, mention this blog, and I’ll offer a package deal that can’t be found anywhere else – even on this blog. Hurry, though, as the deal disappears on January 24th.

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Sensual mini session availability.

I have three slots left open for Valentine’s Day mini sessions but the deadline is coming up fast.

Looking for something special for that special someone on Valentine’s Day? Need something to remind someone of what’s waiting for them when they get back from deployment? Want to give something to yourself as recognition for reaching a fitness goal, promotion at work, your birthday, or other life event?

Why not give them the gift of a sensual photo session with me?

For a very limited time I’m offering Valentine’s Day mini sessions. A mini session includes:

  • a professional hair and make-up session.
  • an one hour photo session with me giving direction on how to pose, et cetera.
  • an 8Ă—10 print of your choice for that special someone and three digital edits for your computer.
  • Additional prints/products are available for an additional fee.

Normally this package would be a $300 investment but I’m offering it, for a very limited time, for $150.

Contact me before January 23rd to reserve your spot and I’ll bump the print size up to one 11×14 or offer two 8×10 prints at no additional cost.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him at to book your sensual portrait session today.

Miss J’s sensual sesion

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and yes, I mean you.

I hear it often enough. “I’d love to do a session with you but I’m not a Size 0″or “I’m not pretty like the women on your site” or some other variation of those. Let me tell you, there is nothing further than the truth. Every woman is beautiful. It’s my goal to bring out the very best of everyone.

Every woman I’ve worked with has voiced some concern about their appearance. Every woman has voiced doubts about whether or not they were worthy enough for such attention.

Every single woman. Period.

miss-j's-sensual-session 13

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