Jules’s first sensual session.

Sometimes it’s best to let the other person speak and it’s not too late to book your holiday or Valentine’s Day session.

Every woman should have the opportunity to be photographed by this man at least once in her lifetime. In fact, every person should.

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not the girlie type. So when Mark first approached me and said he had to have my eyes in his portfolio my response was “When I get back into lifting we can totally do a fitness shoot.” Because that’s where I’m comfortable. I’m comfortable doing my gym thing and having someone take pictures. He said let me shoot art with you, and we can do that when your healthy again.

jules-first-sensual-session 1

“I’m not a model,” I told him.

Fast forward after some more convincing and finally I agreed.

What I was most afraid of? Was knowing how much I hate photographs of myself. Thinking that he might love photographs, that I might give him what he wanted for his portfolio and that he would show me the images and I would hate the way I looked in every last one. Simply because I hate photographs of me. I wanted to be able to genuinely tell him I was in love with a single image. Just one.

I’m not one of those girls who is completely uncomfortable with herself, one who constantly picks at her flaws. In fact, I’m very comfortable with myself, and very accepting of my flaws. But I’ve never been one to feel beautiful.

In less than two hours shooting with Mark, it wasn’t that he made me feel beautiful. It wasn’t even his talent as a photographer and a final image that made me change my mind. I left there without having seen an image believing that every woman should experience a shoot with him. It’s simply because he doesn’t just shoot pretty. He shoots emotion. He wants you to drift into memories, into the moment, into wherever suits you in that particular moment and feel that. And trust me, he gives you the tips and pointers and makes the physical adjustments necessary to create beautiful photographs.

But in a world that’s filled with repressing how we feel, in a society that seems to put down or judge so many for being real with their emotions, Mark creates a place where not only is that okay, but it’s what he needs as an artist, what he wants, appreciates, and respects. He creates an environment where you can simply be. No judgement, no restriction, just simply be. He will show you beauty in your most raw form. It’s not about showcasing your best assets, hiding your flaws, or even accepting your flaws. It’s simply about being in the moment completely unsuppressed and seeing just how beautiful that can be. And I firmly believe it’s what every person should experience at least once.

Photo and general amazingness credit goes to Mark Knopp – go book a shoot with him. You don’t need a reason or a concept or a why, just go experience working with him.

My most deepest, sincerest, humblest thank you.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him at mknopp1@cox.net to book your sensual portrait session today.




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