Paige Palos’s return to modeling

When a local legend comes out of retirement and wants you to be the first she works with.

Yeah, that was a very unexpected surprise. I had known of Paige for several years as we worked in the same circles but we had never met, much less worked together. She was always on my wish list of people I wanted to work with but things never aligned properly. Then she decided it was time to hang up her posing outfits.

Damn, I thought. A missed opportunity.

Segue to three years later. Thanks to the miracle of social media we find each other. We start chatting and, of course, the conversation eventually comes around to modeling. I put it out there that I would love to work with her sometime, that she was on my “wish list”. She surprises me with an immediate “yes.” She said it was time for her to get back into modeling.

paige-palos-sensual-session 4

I was stunned. Floored. I immediately cleared some time for her and waited for the day. I was packing to move but didn’t care as I didn’t want to miss this unexpected opportunity. Everything was put on hold.

She was amazing. We had a blast working together. To quote a line from a movie – “We were like peas and carrots.” She moved with a grace that was amazing but was also very down to earth. To say that we hit it off well would be a massive understatement.

I hope to get the chance to work with her again in the very near future.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him at to book your sensual portrait session today.

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