Arlandra’s return.

The second time around is always better and is always encouraged.

Think about this – did we ever get the best results after we try something for the first time? Did any of us nail riding a bike on our first try? Driving a car? Cooking a new dish?

No, of course not. There’s always the fear of trying something new. There’s always so many concerns and doubts. Confidence is lacking. Then there’s the Big Unknowns.

Well, its the same for posing for a session. Most of the time spent during an initial session with someone is showing them the ropes, selecting outfits that accent their positive features, teaching them poses, and most importantly, helping them relax and get into the flow of things.

arlandra's-second-sensual-session 11

It takes time to get someone who is pensive about the session to finally drop their guard, relax, and just let go. One of the keys to success to a session is that the person has to trust me implicitly and that is something you just can’t get right at the start. It’s not something you can slip on and off like an outfit. It simply takes time.

One of my observations is that we always start getting the best images and then, suddenly, its time to pack it up and go home. Two hours gone – just like that. It’s amazing how fast time moves when we’re lost in the moment. My clients always comment on how they can’t believe it’s over already and how they wish, now that they know what to expect, they could go on.

Well, actually they can and should. It is one of my deepest convictions that everyone should do it again. No, this isn’t some thinly veiled attempt to drum up more business. I truly believe that, now that the person knows what it’s all about, knows what to expect, and knows that they loved doing it, they should go again.

The second session always – ALWAYS – results in better images. No, the first ones don’t suck. They are beautiful. But, just for a moment, think about how much more confident you are now. How that initial barrier of fear is out of the way. You now know how to pose. You now know what kinds of outfits show you off. You know what hair and make-up works best. You know and trust me.

Just imagine what we could do with another two hours. My best work always comes from those I’ve worked with before.

Arlandra here is proof of that. We did our first sensual session just over a year ago. She and I teamed up again last month for another go. There is no doubt that these images show growth from both of us individually and as a team since then. The atmosphere was much more relaxed as we knew we were going to get great images. This allowed both of us to experiment, explore, and “play” more, artistically. The images speak for themselves.

Just imagine what round three is going to look like.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him at to book your sensual portrait session today.


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