Miss L’s sensual Throwback Thursday.

Going au natural with lighting one morning changed everything for me.

Sometimes it’s nice to unplug. I mean that both as a lifestyle but also photographically. Sometimes I get so caught up in the whole “Let’s add more light to this” frame of mind that I lose the natural moments that are provided. This image is a perfect example of turning off all artificial light – in this case speedlights – and just losing ourselves in the moment.

One morning I was working with Miss L on location in downtown Hampton, Virginia. After a series of images that included two or three additional light sources we took a short break. During this break Miss L was drawn to the window to watch the start of a new day as it washed over the city. I took one look at what was in front of me, grabbed my camera, and started to shoot.

miss L's-sensual-throwback-thursday-blue
Miss L greets the start of a new day as she looks over the marina in Hampton, Virginia.
Miss L awash in golden light

As always nothing stays the same for long. Soon the Sun broke through the morning clouds and illuminated our room in a golden light. I quickly got the idea of pulling the shear curtain in front of her to add more depth and dimension to the image.

These two images were captured within minutes of each other but couldn’t be any more different – with the exception that the both include Miss L, of course. The entire mood had changed. That’s one of the things I love about what I do. As a photographer, we always have to be on our toes for ever changing conditions. we have to identify them and then make a choice about using them or make changes to compensate for them.

These images were the seed of an idea that I would pursue in the future – the illuminated window look. Those images radically changed my whole idea about boudoir and lighting. All because we took a short break one morning and I turned off the speedlights.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him at mknopp1@cox.net to book your sensual session today.

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