Miss F’s first Sensual Session.

Slowly getting back into the swing of things and why I encourage reacting over posing.

The move to my new place has been mostly completed. Everything is here and now it’s just a matter of finding the right place for everything in this new space. I can’t wait to get started shooting here as the light and space are better than the old one.

Unfortunately, due to the effort put forth in relocating, I’ve created a backlog of images to be edited and posted. I have my work cut out for me in the coming days as I try to climb the mountain of images waiting to be processed in post-production. The effort will be worth it as there’s some truly amazing new images waiting for their moment in the sun.

Take Miss F. here. We got together for a sensual session a few weeks ago. Although she had some experience with modeling she gave it up for a while. Now wants to get back into it and thought this was a good way to announce her return.


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Sorry for the lack of a full update this week.

I’m moving this weekend.

Sorry, I won’t have a whole new set to post today as I’m currently surrounded by bins and boxes waiting for the movers. After everything is done and the dust settles I’ll start posting new work again. Until then here’s a sneak peek from my recent session with the amazing Fiona.

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him at mknopp1@cox.net to book your sensual session today.

Fiona looking radiant in morning light.

Miss L’s sensual Throwback Thursday.

Going au natural with lighting one morning changed everything for me.

Sometimes it’s nice to unplug. I mean that both as a lifestyle but also photographically. Sometimes I get so caught up in the whole “Let’s add more light to this” frame of mind that I lose the natural moments that are provided. This image is a perfect example of turning off all artificial light – in this case speedlights – and just losing ourselves in the moment.

One morning I was working with Miss L on location in downtown Hampton, Virginia. After a series of images that included two or three additional light sources we took a short break. During this break Miss L was drawn to the window to watch the start of a new day as it washed over the city. I took one look at what was in front of me, grabbed my camera, and started to shoot.

miss L's-sensual-throwback-thursday-blue
Miss L greets the start of a new day as she looks over the marina in Hampton, Virginia.
Miss L awash in golden light

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Chelsey’s first sensual session with me.

Let’s show off the real, sensual, natural, you.

Chelsey came to me wanting to do some sensual images. I was honored that she had asked me to help her out in getting new images and was truly excited about the opportunity to work with someone like her.

You see, she is not what some in the market would call “standard.” She is not 5’8 and 100 pounds. She is not Caucasian nor is she a blonde. She is, in fact, perfectly, wonderfully, human.

Now, if you’ve been a regular reader of this page then you know where I stand on what is “beautiful.” To be bluntly honest, I think all women of all sizes, age, shape, ethnicity, et cetera, are beautiful. It is my core belief that everyone is beautiful as they are, right now, and it is my job to bring out that beauty.

chelsea-first-sensual-session 15
Chelsea playing in the window.

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