Sarah Anne’s first sensual session with me.

This is exactly why I love doing what I do with those willing to take a leap of faith.

I’m going to keep my mouth shut and let Sarah tell her story. Anything I could add would just dilute the message. So, with no further ado – I give you Sarah Anne.

I had my son in September of 2011. In early November of that same year, a routine pap smear came back abnormal. They did a biopsy and test came back positive for cancerous cells. In March of 2012, six months after having my son, I had surgery to have the cancer removed and thankfully have been cancer free since.

After being pregnant I have suffered with body image issues. I’ve never really been a small girl. I lack confidence so any shoot is nerve racking. Being in front of the camera, it’s so easy to get lost at all the imperfections of your body. It runs thru your mind causing nervousness and a mental block. You think does this make me look big? Can they see my stretch marks?

Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 14

I walked into my shoot with Mark nervous and not knowing what to expect. Will he make me feel comfortable or will I just shut down and fail this shoot miserably? When I arrived at the shoot, Mark immediately made me feel comfortable. He informed me of how the shoot would work and the way he captures the essence of boudoir. The goal was to be completely unguarded.

I’m thinking gosh I hope I can do this.

After our talk, I felt amazingly comfortable. We began shooting. I would be fine than I’d hit a mental block. I was trying too hard. Mark could read my insecurity all over my face. He would stop me, show me images of when I wasn’t thinking, and when I hit that block. The images where I wasn’t thinking about it were absolutely gorgeous.

Having the misconception in my head that I needed all this photoshop was wrong. Here are these beautiful images straight off the camera. The more I saw, the better I was feeling, the more I could just let go, and get lost in the moment.

I learned that every woman no matter size, race, age, were all beautiful in our own way.

I don’t need tons of photoshop. The only thing I need to make my images better was to believe in myself. I needed to see my own true beauty and embrace it. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to work with Mark and every bit of advice and guidance given by him.”

Sarah – you rock and are an inspiration to me. I am deeply honored to have worked with you. I hope this inspires others.

Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 3Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 1 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 2Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 4 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 24 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 23 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 22 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 21 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 20 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 19 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 18 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 17 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 16 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 15 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 13 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 14 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 12 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 11 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 10 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 9 Sarah-Anne's-first-sensual-session 7

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