A recent sensual session with Mrs. R.

Going beyond basic boudoir and why I’m different.

I recently crossed into my second year of boudoir photography and the occasion caused me to stop and evaluate where I am and where I’m going with this. Coincidentally, I was talking to a friend last week about the genre. She had reviewed this site and wanted to know why I was different from others working the same area. What did I bring to the table that was different, she asked. What was the value of working with me as opposed to someone else?

Soon after I started to shoot boudoir I realized that the images I was capturing were so much more than beautiful women lounging around in lingerie or in various stages of undress. In fact, as I went over the images posted here, more and more of the final “keepers” had little to do with the outfit itself.

Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 14

They were more about an emotional connection with the camera. The images were much more intimate in a emotional way. The people in the images radiated an inner confidence which came from them having trust in myself and skills. They could literally lay back, relax, have fun and be their true selves and not be someone with a fake smile in an awkward pose.

This is why I now call myself more of a sensual photographer rather than a boudoir photographer. I love capturing the sensations the people feel while they are in front of my camera. Yes, the sexy nature, to be sure but also the playfulness, the coyness, the fun, the whimsical, the silliness, and the joy of being a woman fully invested in her sensual self and not afraid to show it.

My recent session with Mrs. D. shows that perfectly. While there are moments where he is lost in her world there are also moments where she fully acknowledges the presence of the camera. She looks directly into the lens and, therefore, directly at the viewer. To me she is saying “Here I am. I’m not flinching away. I’m confident in who I am and my sensuality. Accept me, or not, on my terms.”

I’ll end this entry with her own words.

“When we open our minds, we expose our souls to what our emotions really are. When we bare our emotions, our beauty shows. This is why Mark is a magician, He is able to capture the exposure of the emotions, the spirituality, the love, the trust, and most importantly, confidence in how we feel about ourselves. He has an incredible talent.”

Mark Knopp is a Virginia Beach-based portrait photographer covering the Hampton Roads community. Contact him at mknopp1@cox.net to book your sensual session today.

Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 17 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 16 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 15 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 14Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 13 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 5 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 4Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 11 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 12 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 9 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 8 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 7 Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 6Mrs R's-sensual-session-sept2015 1


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