Miss A.’s first sensual session – Part II.

The conclusion to my first Super Session, a client’s protection, and a call to action for you.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to do so yet, I’d read Part I of this entry first.

So here we are, Constant Viewer. The conclusion of my first Super Session with the amazing Miss A.

Of course Miss A. isn’t her real name nor is it even close to any part of her real name. She wanted to do the session and had no problem with me showing some of the images as long as I met some of her conditions starting with some identification protection as she is in, shall we say, a sensitive job. Another condition was stated in the earlier post – some images were too revealing and she wanted to keep those for herself.

A headshot showing off those lovely eyes from Miss A’s first sensual session.

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Miss A.’s first sensual session – Part I.

The creation of the Super Session and why mindset trumps numbers any day.

I have several big passions when it comes to portrait photography – fitness, beach, and boudoir to name a few. All have major appeal to me for a variety of reasons. Recently I had the opportunity to combine two of them into what I’m calling a Super Session. It was so epic that I had to split the resulting images into two blog entries as to not overload the viewers.

It was so successful, in fact, that I’m now offering Super Sessions to everyone.

Miss A. was conflicted when she contacted me recently for a session. She loved the beach and boudoir aspects but she lived almost 5 hours away in another state so making two trips here was a considerable obstacle. I was thinking out loud when the idea of coming up for a weekend and doing both in one day popped out. She could get here, do two sessions back-to-back, hang out, spend the night, and head back the next day.


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