Rebecca’s Seriously Sensual Session.

It doesn’t always have to be sweet and a change in direction.

To quote a famous line from a British TV show “And now for something completely different.”

This was my first time working with Rebecca. She is a source of confidence and sensuality. I was truly sad to see the session end but I know there is more sessions to come in the future. Even after two and a half hours I feel like we haven’t even scraped the surface layer off of the potential that a partnership with her has to offer.

rebeccas sensual session 11

I think I’ve mentioned it before here and I’ve certainly mentioned it to some people in the recent past but I want to say it again in case I didn’t or someone missed it. I’m expanding the range of my sensual sessions to cover all aspects of sensuality. No, I’m not giving up boudoir. In fact, you can say I’m going beyond boudoir. Let me explain.

When I started this journey last year I thought boudoir would be a perfect thing for me to explore. My intent with this page was to develop skills and styles that would combine my way of seeing things, my way of photography, with the concept of boudoir imagery.

During the exploration since then I’ve discovered that there is so much more to this then just simply women in lingerie. I think you’ll agree, from looking at my work here, that the lingerie has actually taken a back seat to other aspects. In fact, more and more, I subconsciously focused on the woman, her expressions, her confidence, her mood, her sense of sensuality, than the items she wore.

In fact, it got to the point during one session, that the client pointed out that I spent over an hour of a two hour “boudoir” session doing what was, in essence, headshots. Here she was, laying on the bed nude, and I’m up by her head photographing her facial expressions. That’s when I realized what my subconscious was up to.

After we wrapped up that session I realized that boudoir was, in reality, restrictive. While I was aiming for one thing, I discovered I was really on track for bigger things. Something more open and with more potential for exploration.

So, after saying all that I am announcing that I’m no longer considering myself as a boudoir photographer. I consider myself a sensual photographer.

I want to spend my energy on exploring all levels and types of sensuality. Boudoir is certainly well within this spectrum but it is just a part of it. There is so much more here to work with. Who considers what sensual? How do I show that? How do I bring aspects of that out while avoiding clichés and just plain wrong information?

Which, in a long-worded way, brings me back to Rebecca. She is a sensual creature to her core. When we started talking about working together she bought a lot of things to the table. I’m talking a veritable feast of topics to explore, here. We formulated a plan and had at it. Two equals on a mission to explore.

She brought the heat, that’s for sure, but she also brought whimsy and sassiness. There are definitely unexpected things in these images that I thoroughly enjoy and love. Her personality comes through in these images. There are also elements of BDSM in some of the images. Maybe you caught that, maybe you didn’t

One of the goals of this shoot was to begin to explore the world of BDSM. We had a long, informative discussion of the scene before the shoot to make sure I get it right. More importantly I absolutely did not want to perpetuate myths or just plain wrong information. Those that think “50 Shades” is what the scene is all about – this is meant for you. It’s not even close. Put that book down and step away.

This is just the start. By no means should this be considered done. I could be doing this for years and not cover it all. There’s so much to say by showing. I can’t wait to work with her again and to work with others on this new path I’ve discovered. How deep is this well? Let’s find out.

BDSM is just one more aspect of sensuality to go with boudoir. There are limitless other topics to explore in this new genre. If you’re interested in joining me in this journey of discovery of what is sensual, please drop me a line and let’s talk. :-).

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