Anna’s Seriously Sensual Virginia Beach Boudoir Session.

Good, no, great things come in small packages.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark recently and I loved it! I felt extremely comfortable and Mark was nothing short of professional. I have admired his work for a while now so to be a part of his artwork was a major privledge! After our session we enjoyed a cup of coffee and chatted about photography which is a passion that we both share. Mark sat down with me and showed me some of the images that were captured and in that moment I never felt more beautiful! If you haven’t already you should schedule a session with this talented photographer, you will not regret it!”

I had the great honor, not to mention a great time, working with Anna recently. She, like many before her, was one that had doubts initially but once she got here and started to pose, she really opened up and had fun. I can’t stress enough that this is a key element of success.

anna's sensual virginia beach boudoir session 1

This is not an act nor a performance. The expressions you see here are not some fabrication – they are real and genuine pleasure brought on by letting go inhibitions and just enjoying the moment. The confidence you see, the comfort level, the openness and, yes, playfulness, is legitimate. I’d like to think that I have some kind of magical touch but the reality is that these women possess these qualities already. All I do is encourage them to come out and play.

While I’m on the topic of innate qualities I’d like to point out that no one is “perfect”. Every person that steps in front of my lens has issues with something about themselves. Some think they’re too heavy, some think they aren’t tall enough, others might think this isn’t big enough while others worry that it might be too big. Let’s take a moment to explore this further.

We all stand in the cold light of the bathroom mirror every morning and see the “flaws”, the “concerns”, the “if only’s”. It’s human nature to only see them and not the good in us. We are, without a doubt, our own worst critics. And we are totally unfair to ourselves. Our friends and families see the beauty that is within us all. They might tell us but we don’t hear them. Because, every morning, we are once again in front of those damned bathroom mirrors.

One of the things that I pride myself on is the fact that I have a wide range or women on this blog and each of them has “flaws”. Some are genetic, some brought on by Father Time, others are brought on by motherhood. Each one of them has answered that dreaded question that I must ask – “What is it that you aren’t so fond of, physically?”

The reason why I ask that question is two-fold. One it helps me identify any potential tripping hazards during a session or during post-production. I would be mortified to do a session featuring someone’s “major flaw” in almost all of the images. If I had known about the concern about her nose or the birthmark on her hip or the gap between her tooth. That could have saved so much pain. I just spent two-plus hours confirming her worst fears. No amount of words would be able to bring her back and that’s to be avoided at all costs.

The other reason may shock you to hear. The other reason why I ask that question is because I don’t see what you see. Others don’t see what you see, either. I don’t readily see the “flaws”. What you might consider a large nose may be regal in my eyes.

While you might hate the gap in your front teeth someone else may embrace as a quirk that they love. Some might be a little worried about stretch marks brought on by weight loss or childbirth while others might deem a badge of honor – something that was hard earned and not to be ashamed of. The point is that, in my opinion, our “flaws” aren’t really flaws.

Take Anna here. One of her concerns was that she’s not tall. I call her and people like her, jokingly, fun-sized. So how do I work around this “issue”? I took a little extra effort not to show her in a way that brings out her lack of height. I didn’t have her stand by something that would show exactly how tall she is. I also made sure to be lower than her and shot up to add the illusion of greater height. These are simple things that took no extra effort on either of our parts to remedy. All by asking one simple, yet important, slightly embarrassing, question honestly.

Embrace who you are, “flaws” and all. I promise you, you are beautiful the way you are. Let me show you by booking a session with me today.

MUA: Rachel Bigelow

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