Ann’s Second Seriously Sensual Session.

This woman is unstoppable.

I seriously cannot rave enough about Ann. She is a powerhouse of strength and femininity. Every time we work together I grow as an artist and for that I’m eternally grateful and in her debt. I simply cannot wait to work with her again and again.

On a different note I just want to take a second here to say that I’m also grateful for your patronage here. I love getting feedback from you either here or through various social media sites. Please feel free to continue to do so as well as spread my message to those thinking of doing a sensual session.

Ann's second seriously sensual session 5

While I’m on this topic, however, I’d like to talk to you about a few messages/e-mails I’ve received in the past few months. These messages start out with compliments about my work, my control of light, my connection with the subject, et cetera. For that I say thank you. These messages then go on to ask me if I’d be willing to shoot a child’s 9th birthday party, a favorite pet, et cetera.

While I’m honored that these people have thought of me I should point out that the images they desire fall out of my realm of expertise. It would be like going to a foot doctor for a sore throat. Sure, we have the same basic training but our specialties are in different areas. I could do those kinds of images but there are others out there that specialize in them. I wouldn’t be able to perform at their level so I bow to their skills.

If someone is looking for such images I am more than happy to refer them to artists in the area that I know, can vouch for, and would love to talk about them about their photo needs. I’m all about sharing the love.

Now I need to get back to planning a third session with Ann.

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