Rebecca’s Seriously Sensual Session.

It doesn’t always have to be sweet and a change in direction.

To quote a famous line from a British TV show “And now for something completely different.”

This was my first time working with Rebecca. She is a source of confidence and sensuality. I was truly sad to see the session end but I know there is more sessions to come in the future. Even after two and a half hours I feel like we haven’t even scraped the surface layer off of the potential that a partnership with her has to offer.

rebeccas sensual session 11

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Anna’s Seriously Sensual Virginia Beach Boudoir Session.

Good, no, great things come in small packages.

“I had the pleasure of working with Mark recently and I loved it! I felt extremely comfortable and Mark was nothing short of professional. I have admired his work for a while now so to be a part of his artwork was a major privledge! After our session we enjoyed a cup of coffee and chatted about photography which is a passion that we both share. Mark sat down with me and showed me some of the images that were captured and in that moment I never felt more beautiful! If you haven’t already you should schedule a session with this talented photographer, you will not regret it!”

I had the great honor, not to mention a great time, working with Anna recently. She, like many before her, was one that had doubts initially but once she got here and started to pose, she really opened up and had fun. I can’t stress enough that this is a key element of success.

anna's sensual virginia beach boudoir session 1

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Ann’s Second Seriously Sensual Session.

This woman is unstoppable.

I seriously cannot rave enough about Ann. She is a powerhouse of strength and femininity. Every time we work together I grow as an artist and for that I’m eternally grateful and in her debt. I simply cannot wait to work with her again and again.

On a different note I just want to take a second here to say that I’m also grateful for your patronage here. I love getting feedback from you either here or through various social media sites. Please feel free to continue to do so as well as spread my message to those thinking of doing a sensual session.

Ann's second seriously sensual session 5

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