Briana’s sensual session and getting into the right frame of mind.

Embracing your beauty

“When I first talked to Mark about doing a session I only had fitness in mind but when he sent me the link to his sensual page I slowly started to open my eyes.  As I was looking at the pictures I began to question myself as to why I didn’t feel like I was confident enough to do it. I am a competitive bikini athlete so I have been on stage numerous times in little to nothing and I also only wear my sports bra when I work out.

I was puzzled with myself.  Then I came to the realization that the problem was that I was stuck in my comfort zone, doing what made me feel sexy, but ignoring the fact that I was a beautiful feminine woman who gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.  Something clicked and I told Mark I would like to try some boudoir in my session.

I ended up loving it so much that my whole session was boudoir.  Mark made me feel 100 percent comfortable, he really has an eye for what he does, and his work comes out beautifully.  Aside from taking amazing photos he really gave me a clear understanding and what boudoir photography is and what it stands for. It simply comes down to embracing your inner and outer beauty.  Embrace your beauty and love yourself.” – Briana

briana's seriously sensual session 2

I am simply humbled by these words and by the fact that these wonderful people put their faith and trust in me to create the images we do. Every time that I feel low, I come back and re-read these testimonials. Each time I do I leave feeling reenergized and ready to take on the world again. It is a symbiotic relationship that we have – we both leave with energy and a new sense of self worth.

Briana mentions me giving her a clear understanding about boudoir photography. I’d like to take a moment to explain how we achieve that. Before a session begins I always ask the person to sit down to chat for a few minutes. I find that they are usually a little wound up by traffic, life issues, stressed about the session, et cetera.

The chat helps them unwind a bit and gets them refocused on the session. To jump right into a session off the bat usually ends up with the first half od the session producing less than stellar images. I want us to be able to use all the camera time wisely and that spending 10-15 minutes chatting beforehand really ramps up the success rate.

The first thing I ask them is what their idea/concept of boudoir is. I have heard a wide range of responses as each person has their own mental image of what it entails. Then I take a few minutes to explain my vision of what boudoir is about. Then we reach a common ground. After that we move on to other topics such as what they want to take away from the experience, go though wardrobe, what to start with, et cetera.

The point is that we have a clear-cut idea of what vision we are reaching for so we can work towards that goal together. The person is now focused on the matter at hand fully, is ready to start with a clear head, and with more confidence about the outcome. These are the key ingredients to a successful sensual session.

Like Briana’s here. I totally agree with her. Embrace your beauty – both inner and outer. Love who you are right now.

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