Jaclyn’s Seriously Sensual Session in Syracuse.

Taking the sensual boudoir show on the road.

Say seriously sensual session in Syracuse three times fast ;-).

I recently had the opportunity to work with the beauty that is Jaclyn who lives near Syracuse, NY. After talking about possible locations we decided to shoot at her place. A lot of people don’t consider that an option but I do.

Above all else during these sessions, you want the person to be comfortable and relaxed. Where they can open up and be themselves. Where else is better to do that in than in the comfort of their own home? They are surrounded by their things – which saves a lot in props, btw, other boudoir photographers.

jaclyns syracuse seriously sensual session 10

There’s also the added benefit of them not having to pack up half their closets, gather all their make-up, get the stuff into their cars, travel somewhere, unpack, set everything up, do the session, pack everything back up, drive back to their place, unload the car and unpack. By doing this at home, after the session, they can change into street clothes and continue on with their day. No fuss, no muss and, best of all, no clean-up after. Talk about a win-win for you.

Now, obviously, this might not be the best option for everyone. You absolutely want to check someone out thoroughly before you let them in. Read previous posts on how to do that here and here. Maybe even work with them once or twice somewhere else first just to make sure you are comfortable with them. Jaclyn and I have worked together before this session so the trust was already in place.

Another concern people might have is that they think they don’t have an interesting enough space to use. My response to that is you do. We can make magical images anywhere. Heck, as you can see with these images of Jaclyn, I can do wonders with just a blank wall (It doesn’t hurt to have someone as stunning as Jaclyn standing in front of said wall – I’ll give you that). I always bring things with me that we can use to liven things up a bit. all I need is some room and some light from a window to create the images you see. All I need is the room.

While talking to Jaclyn, I asked her a few questions about her place. She was very kind and sent me a few pics of the spaces she thought would make for great settings that we discussed possibilities. The whole point was that, even though I had never stepped foot in her place before the day of the session, I knew what to expect and had plans. This meant we could spend a lot more time shooting and a lot less time trying to figure things out, missing more than hitting and having a much more productive session.

I’ll let you be the judge on the success of the session.

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