Jaclyn’s Seriously Sensual Session in Syracuse.

Taking the sensual boudoir show on the road.

Say seriously sensual session in Syracuse three times fast ;-).

I recently had the opportunity to work with the beauty that is Jaclyn who lives near Syracuse, NY. After talking about possible locations we decided to shoot at her place. A lot of people don’t consider that an option but I do.

Above all else during these sessions, you want the person to be comfortable and relaxed. Where they can open up and be themselves. Where else is better to do that in than in the comfort of their own home? They are surrounded by their things – which saves a lot in props, btw, other boudoir photographers.

jaclyns syracuse seriously sensual session 10

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Yep, I’m still here

Sorry for the lack of updating. An incredible string of bad luck occurred which took me out of the game for a bit. It almost made me give up but i won’t let it beat me. Instead it’s made me strive for bigger and better things. Stay tuned for more updates as i get things back together and gear up for new, more sensual photos.

Here’s some examples of images I’ve shot but haven’t had a chance to post until now. More will be on the way shortly as I get back into the groove.