Sarah’s Sensual Session and Advice – Part II

Be smarter and safer

Sarah. What can be said that can’t be seen in these images? Strong, confident, alluring and, of course, very sensual. So much power and grace in one person shouldn’t be allowed. She went from quiet and soft to hold onto your hat effortlessly. Simply staggering.

Yes, I know there’s a black and white image in there. Black and white remains my main love as it has a beauty all it’s own. I don’t show it so much as it doesn’t really fit the soft, warm-lit images typically presented here so allow me this indulgence from time to time :-).

In a previous post I wrote about how to be safe and making more informed choices on whether or not you might want to work with someone. I’d like to continue that here. This information pertains to a point after you’ve chatted with a potential photographer on-line or via email, checked out their work, and still have nagging doubts.

sarahs sensual virginia beach session

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Maria’s sensual session and some advice

Be smart and be safe – Part I

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Maria recently. I just love working with her as she has a sensual playfulness about her – not to mention eyes that memorize the camera every time she looks into it. Anytime I get a chance to work with her I’ll be there camera in hand. To paraphrase the song  – I’ll stop the world to photograph her.

marias sesnsual boudoir session 9

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