Mary Helen’s Sensual Session

The most important thing you can bring to a session is the right attitude and energy

“I’d heard a lot of good things about Mark and I loved the pictures I’d seen him take of my friend Anne so of course I had to work with him and I was not disappointed. Mark really gets into his work and brings life to it. Working with him was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do so again very soon. There’s just something special about the way he photographs you that seems to bring out the best in you.” Mary Helen.

Mary embodies everything we photographers can ask for. She’s a free spirit with a devil-may-care attitude and classical looks that defies explanation. Those eyes alone could stop time. They certainly made me lose track of time while working with her. She can make anyone feel comfortable while still giving off a sensual vibe.


That is exactly the sensation I try to generate during a session as it generates the best images. People get so wrapped up in the outfits, which are important don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t the MOST important thing. Being able to relax, lose themselves in the moment, just let go and enjoy being a woman is paramount. Without that emotional connection, it becomes just more pictures of women in their underwear.

If we can reach that goal then it really doesn’t matter what you are wearing. I often joke that, if I can reach that point with someone, we could make a potato sack look good. There have been times where I’ve been tempted to test that theory but that’s another blog entry.

Don’t worry about poses. Don’t worry about anything, for that matter. Just come with the mindset of “I’m going to relax, let go, play around, have fun and enjoy this.” Give me that and I promise that you will not be disappointed with the images we create.

See more of Mary Helen and her work at and

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