Why should you do a boudoir session?

The answer to this question is as varied as the people that do them.


The most common answer is that it is a gift for that special someone which is perfect for  any occasion. What would be more cherished than a print of their sweetie made just for their eyes only? Whether it’s images for their screen saver, a print on a wall, a book, et cetera – you just can’t go wrong.

Maybe that significant other is about to get deployed by the military. Maybe you’re the one getting deployed? How about a little something to remember you by and give them something to look forward to at homecoming? Talk about a slam dunk.

Maybe you’re getting married soon and are looking for that perfect gift for the other half? Maybe slip it under their pillow on the Honeymoon? Give it to them the night before as a hint of things to come?

It doesn’t have to be for someone else. Maybe you just reached a health goal and want to show it off. I mean, what a boost to your self esteem and a great way to document your achievement. Major kudos to you. Here’s something to remember it by for years to come.

Maybe you just got a promotion at work. Perhaps there’s an important anniversary coming up? Dare I suggest that this could be a way to celebrate a divorce or break-up and you want to show yourself that it was their loss? Got a birthday coming up? Did you just buy a couple cute little items? Maybe you’re looking for something fun to do by yourself or with your friends?

Heck, why not do one just because it’s Tuesday? Splurge a little on yourself – you deserve it. Get some pampering and enjoy a special thing just for yourself. I mean, come on, life is too short not to enjoy something indulgent once in a while.

What about purchasing a session as a gift for a great friend or relative? Can you think of a more personal, unique present than the gift of their own boudoir session?

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