Diana’s second sensual session

The sultry siren returns.

Being in front of the genius lens of Mark for the third time, second on a boudoir session, was an exuberant experience. The beautiful comments and complements that I get from my peers say everything. I feel confident and trusting while working with the most wonderful person that Mark is. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THE PICTURES – Diana

Words like those above make it hard to get this already inflated head through doorways :-).

Someone recently asked me how I got my subjects to look so comfortable and relaxed in my images. My response? Make them forget they are posing for the camera. Sounds impossible, especially considering that, in some of the images, the camera is literally inches from their faces but it is the truth.


The experience starts long before they get to my place. We discuss things on-line or meet in a public space if they choose. I actually prefer face to face at the local Barnes and Noble or coffee shop as we can interact with each other without a camera between us. It lets us see if we are going to mesh well together plus I just plain hate typing out long answers with two fingers. If they are comfortable without meeting then that’s fine, too.

I always send them directions here plus a map of where to park and where my place is. I always come out to greet them and help them bring everything inside. As soon as we get inside I have them put everything down and have a seat for a chat. I find that people are still wound up about their day, about work, about traffic, about finding the place, et cetera so their mind is nowhere near “Boudoir Mode”.

The chat usually starts with what their impression of boudoir is followed by what I think it is which helps set the tone and mood. We then move on to other topics like what they brought, what would look good where, what music they wanted to listen to, if they want soda or water (no alcohol – but that’s a topic for another entry down the road).

We set up a gameplan and then I show them around. She then changes into her first outfit – typically a more conservative piece – and start the session. As the session goes on they relax more. I show them an image or two that I just got and they relax more. We may or may not move to more daring outfits as we go deeper into the session. That’s her call and she is free to change her mind at any point.

I have a way to get them where, if I do my job right, they lose themselves in the moment. It’s not about posing – it’s about the feel of that soft blanket on their skin, the scent of the candle burning, the soft music wafting in, and the playfulness of the environment that all adds up to them just relaxing and enjoying the moment. A little suggestion from me from time to time is all that is needed to turn something average into something extraordinarily beautiful. That’s not posing – that’s lounging languidly and that’s when the magic begins.


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