Shelby’s session.

My call to action.

I’ve shot with Mark multiple times for many reasons. Not only does he capture quality photos, but Mark is professional, polite, and reliable. I was comfortable and had fun. – Shelby

One of the central themes of this site that I hope you’ve picked up so far is that I love working with a diverse group of people. To me there is no “standard” boudoir subject. I’ve photographed, and will continue to photograph, images of young and old, all races, all sizes, tattooed or not, pierced or not, single women, married women, mothers and grandmothers.


Shelby has curves, there’s no doubt about that. Curves for days, I like to say. While I love that I love even more the fact that she’s comfortable in her skin and has an amazing sensuality. She owns the space she’s in and shines.

When I get asked what’s the most important thing someone can bring to a session, I always answer the same. A “Let’s give this a spin, no holds barred, I want to have fun” attitude. Attitude trumps looks every single time. If she can’t  let herself go and have fun then there’s not much I can do.

Mind you I can coax the poses out but there needs to be that sparkle in her eye. That glint of mischief. That “I dare you” stare. Honest emotion. That connection.

Shelby owns her space, don’t you think?

To me each and every one of us has great photos within us. It is my calling in this world to find the right angles, the right light and the right poses to bring those images forward and out for her to see. I look for and accentuate her positives while subtly maneuvering around the areas she’s not fond of.

Let’s not forget that I want to make sure she has fun doing it. If it’s not fun then what’s the point in doing it, right? I want to involve her to the point that she forgets that she’s posing and just lounges there. She’s in the moment, she’s in control, she’s comfortable, and she’s confident.

Sounds like fun to you? Then contact me at and let’s set up your seriously sensual session

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