Chantelle’s sensual session.

Her first boudoir session was a stellar success.

“Mark is such an amazing photographer, he makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed!!
Especially since I was a nervous wreck. I thought this shoot was going to go terribly but, to my surprise, it didn’t and the images came out amazing. I am in love with every picture.

Thanks Mark for everything. You’re brilliant at what you do and I’m so thankful for your patience with me.” Chantelle.

What a whirlwind these past few weeks have been. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with some of the greatest people I’ve ever met while working on the new sensual look. I think I can honestly say that I’ve tapped something big here and am truly excited about the new path I’m taking.


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Mary Helen’s Sensual Session

The most important thing you can bring to a session is the right attitude and energy

“I’d heard a lot of good things about Mark and I loved the pictures I’d seen him take of my friend Anne so of course I had to work with him and I was not disappointed. Mark really gets into his work and brings life to it. Working with him was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to do so again very soon. There’s just something special about the way he photographs you that seems to bring out the best in you.” Mary Helen.

Mary embodies everything we photographers can ask for. She’s a free spirit with a devil-may-care attitude and classical looks that defies explanation. Those eyes alone could stop time. They certainly made me lose track of time while working with her. She can make anyone feel comfortable while still giving off a sensual vibe.


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Ann’s session – Part II

Ann’s seriously sensual session

Sorry for the lack of updates. I plan on rectifying it in a grand way with several of them over the course of the coming days.

There is still time to book a seriously sensual session to create a truly special gift for that someone special, or just for yourself, for Valentine’s Day.

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Diana’s second sensual session

The sultry siren returns.

Being in front of the genius lens of Mark for the third time, second on a boudoir session, was an exuberant experience. The beautiful comments and complements that I get from my peers say everything. I feel confident and trusting while working with the most wonderful person that Mark is. I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THE PICTURES – Diana

Words like those above make it hard to get this already inflated head through doorways :-).

Someone recently asked me how I got my subjects to look so comfortable and relaxed in my images. My response? Make them forget they are posing for the camera. Sounds impossible, especially considering that, in some of the images, the camera is literally inches from their faces but it is the truth.


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Return to form work

When Mark first approached me about doing a form session I was not sure what he meant. He then sent me some previous work he has done and I was immediately intrigued. The photos of the Greek sculpture-like bodies drew me in. Although I was asked to do the shoot Mark, as usual, left me completely in charge. I was completely comfortable the entire time and excited to see the results…which were AMAZING! Seeing just body parts captured in that way is amazing to see. All the hard work from training of each little groove and cut was caught on camera. I’m already looking forward to the next one. – Amira

The human form is a thing of absolute beauty to me. I am endlessly fascinated by the way it works, how it moves and the million little details that are unique to each of us. To elevate a single form to a work of art is the ultimate experience in my eyes. Any chance anyone gives me to explore, document, and bring out the beauty that is the human body is chance I’ll gladly accept.

form 3
form 3

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Why should you do a boudoir session?

The answer to this question is as varied as the people that do them.


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Shelby’s session.

My call to action.

I’ve shot with Mark multiple times for many reasons. Not only does he capture quality photos, but Mark is professional, polite, and reliable. I was comfortable and had fun. – Shelby

One of the central themes of this site that I hope you’ve picked up so far is that I love working with a diverse group of people. To me there is no “standard” boudoir subject. I’ve photographed, and will continue to photograph, images of young and old, all races, all sizes, tattooed or not, pierced or not, single women, married women, mothers and grandmothers.


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