Ann – Part I.

This seriously sensual session was so good I need to break it down into sections.

I usually do edgy, editorial type shoots. Working with Mark was great change of pace. I felt so soft and feminine. Mark made me feel comfortable so I was able to let go of the world.” – Ann

What can I say about Ann? I could say that she blew me away with her presence. I could say that her captivating eyes could stop ships with a wink. I could say that she belongs on the cover of major magazines. I could also say that her humor and quirkiness made working with her a breeze.

I could say all that but I think the images say that and so much more so I’m going to let them do the majority of the talking.


One of the things I’d like to point out is that small changes make big differences in the resulting images. Take the last three images in the series, the ones with Ann in the window with the sheer curtain, for example. It’s the same set up and the same basic pose but look how much they change with a tilt of the head, a small movement of the hand, a slight lift in a shoulder, etc. It doesn’t take much to change the feel of the image.

People have this belief that posing takes a lot of effort and its about radical positions and flinging body parts, etc. I blame all those reality shows on modeling. Those things make for great TV but really doesn’t work in real life. Slow movements, little changes, losing oneself in the moment – that’s what elevates good images into outstanding ones.

I’d like to take the time to point out to my faithful viewers that there is still time to create a truly unique and personal gift for that special someone or just for yourself. Christmas is 4 weeks away but we can create something wonderful in time. All I need is some time for the session, we then select the best images for printing, and give me a couple days to edit/print them in time to go under the tree or under their pillow.

It should also be mentioned that, while I know the focus is on the impending holidays, that Valentine’s Day isn’t that far off in the distance, either.

Think about it. New Years is just 5 weeks away and then – BAM – hello V-day 6 weeks after that. As it’s so soon after Christmas, funds tend to be a little tight then. That’s why I’m mentioning it now, so you could stash a little cash between now and then. Think about a print or three or, even better, a book of images from our session. That would really seal the deal, don’t you think?

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