Arlandra’s session

Arlandra’s session

I’m settling into this new, lighter look quite well. I’m also settling into using my place as the setting for these images. As always it’s not what you have but how you use it that matters and, in this case, my place is turning out to be a great place to shoot. I’ve purchased an antique perfume bottle, a brownie camera, the netting, small pillows, some jewelry and, of course, the red velvet couch to add flavor and context to the images.

Arlandra stopped over for a session earlier in the week. After going through outfits we decided to start on the bed, framed by natural light coming through the window. She put on some mood music and climbed up into the king-sized bed surrounded by netting. She really took to the setting and lost herself in the concept of her in a Princess bed setting. She was magical in the lighting and I took full advantage of it.


One of the things I try to do is allow the person to forget that they are posing. If all they are doing is trying to think about what they are going to do next they will never relax and that results in stiff, jilted poses. I let them know that all they really need to do is lounge and lose themselves in the moment. To melt into the environment and just become whatever they feel like at that moment.

This is where the real magic lies. To forget what they are doing and just enjoy the sensations – the coolness of the comforter, the satin pillows, the soft music playing, the scented candle that’s perfuming the air – that’s what I want. That’s where I want them to be. Then all it takes is an occasional posing suggestion from me to make sensual photos. The less interference from me, the better the images.

For those that were wondering, I haven’t given up my old style of lighting. As a matter of fact I saw an opportunity with Arlandra when a chance juxtaposition of a fan and the window light cast a shadow across her lovely face. I emphasized the effect with a little pop of light from a speedlight. I will continue to develop the new style while pursuing the strobe work. Ah, it’s good to go back to the classics.

After the bed scene we moved to the living room with the netting. We played with window light mixed with a little strobe. We finished up on the red couch, using the netting as an added point of interest. She remained the star that she is, though.

Over time I’ll be adding new things to the sessions. As the holidays approach I’ll be adding props for that particular theme as well as other, more classical items. If anyone has a line on a classic oval stand mirror, bridal veils, antique hand mirrors and such, send them to me.

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